Anime news: Manga fans can now play long lost Akira game for Sega Mega Drive

In the 90s, however, when Akira fever had really hit the West there was an interesting looking game in development for the SNES, Mega Drive and Mega CD.

Footage of this title, which was from THQ, was even showcased at the 1994 Consumer Electronics Show.

Tantalising pictures of the project also graced video game magazines at the time, showing an accurate 16-Bit representation of the beloved anime.

However, in the end this game was canned – with fans left wondering what could have been of the promising project.

That is until now, as website Hidden Palace has managed to get hold of an unfinished build of the Akira Mega Drive / Genesis game.

This version has now been released online, with Hidden Palace in a post online also showing what gameplay of the unfinished Akira game looks like.


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