Animal giveaways, musical Wombles and mysterious discoveries – take the Thursday quiz

You might think that April Fools’ season is well and truly over, but not in the world of the Thursday quiz’s favourite band, Sparks. One of the biggest Sparks fan groups on Facebook changed its name to be a Wombles fan group as a joke on the morning of 1 April. You can only change a group name once every 28 days. We are now into day 11 of the joyless quarter of the fandom fractiously reacting badly to every post about the Wombles. It has been fantastic. Anyway, on with the quiz, where you face 15 questions on topical news, general knowledge, and of course, about the Wombles.

The Thursday quiz, No 155

  1. 1.The mayor of remote Italian island, Alicudi, has offered to give away which free animal to anyone who will take one, as they now outnumber humans on the island six to one?

    The island

  2. 2.Who said that 10 hours of being waterboarded for a 90-second scene in Game of Thrones left her with chronic claustrophobia?

    Game of Thrones tattoo

  3. 3.German chancellor Olaf Scholz has joined TikTok, but promised he would not do what on the platform?

    Olaf Scholz

  4. 4.This is Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz. She knows that something was discovered in the US state of South Carolina and nobody knew where it came from, but can’t remember what. What was it?

    Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz

  5. 5.Justin Allen from Horsham, Pennsylvania, became an internet celebrity when he revealed on social media that when the New York City metropolitan area and its outskirts were shaken by a 4.8 quake he was doing what?

    Social media

  6. 6.UK prime minister Rishi Sunak (pictured, possibly with the fashion police) has apologised for making which brand of trainers uncool?

    Rishi Sunak

  7. 7.One question about every country taking part in the Euro 2024 finals this summer. This week: Serbia. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, but which is the country’s second city by population?


  8. 8.A ground-floor rented flat in Birkenhead which was crafted over a period of 30 years into an extraordinary palace of outsider art has been given Grade II-listed status. What is the flat in Wirral known as?

    The flat

  9. 9.We insist for some reason you put the first four Avril Lavigne albums into the correct order of release …

    Reckless recrods

  10. 10.You have always wanted to pass a GCSE in an ancient language, right? Try this one. Which letter of the Greek alphabet is this: Φ (or φ in lower case)?

    The pokémon Unown visits a Walthamstow pub in the game Pokémon Go

  11. 11.Everyone has an unhappy time in the opera Tosca, first performed in 1900. What is the occupation of Mario Cavaradossi, Tosca’s ill-fated lover?

    Sydney Opera House concert hall

  12. 12.On this day in 1951 the Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny, was recovered after it had been stolen from Westminster Abbey. Where was it found?

    The Stone of Destiny on display at Perth Museum

  13. 13.It is also the anniversary of the release of the very first Apple computer, the aptly named Apple 1. Steve Jobs co-founded the company, but who designed the Apple 1 (not pictured, that’s an iPod and someone who has shaved the Apple logo into their hair for some reason)?

    Apple iPod and hairstyle

  14. 14.In recent weeks the ruling Conservative party in the UK has released ads claiming “gripped by the tendrils of rising crime London citizens stay inside” and that “services are being put to the sword and 600 jobs are now at risk” in Birmingham. What was their message last Thursday?


  15. 15.Who was the musical genius behind the Wombles?

    The Wombles

If you really do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers – and can show your workings – feel free to email, but remember the quiz master’s word is final and remember you’re a Womble.


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