An Instagrammer is selling bottles of her own farts for £237

Kiaraakitty posing with a jar of farts, which she sells for £237

An influencer who staged a hoax egg attack on herself to try and gain followers has started to sell fans jars of a very special odour.

Cheng Wing Yee, 21, known as Kiaraakitty on Instagram is now flogging her farts and promises fans they ‘can be retained for up to 30 days’ after opening the jar.

The sealed container comes complete with a love note from Kiara – who has 234,000 followers on Instagram.

Her online shop says: ‘Are you curious how your favourite streamer Kiaraakitty

Kiaraakitty crafts each of her jugs of scent (Picture: Kiaraakitty)
Singaporean influencer Cheng Wing Yee, aka Kiaraakitty, made headlines when she was forced to issue a public apology for staging an attack on herself in Taiwan (Picture: kiaraakitty / Cheng Wing Yee)
Cheng Wing Yee aka Kiaraakitty launched a pop-up maid shop (Picture: kiaraakitty / Cheng Wing Yee)

But be warned: ‘It may take some time to craft a scent jug so processing time may change without prior notice.’

The fart trade is a potentially lucrative one, but it’s not the only thing the woman from Singapore has sold.

Last year, she launched a pop-up business describing itself as the ‘first maid cafe in Singapore’, offering hugs for £79.

She sells used lingerie for the same £237 price tag, a mystery gift for £790 and even her used bath water for £395.

Although if you’re Barry Keoghan, you might get that last one at home for free.

Cheng Wing Yee has been in the news for quite different reasons this month.

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She was forced to apologise publicly for staging an attack on herself in Taiwan.

Her assistant dressed up as a middle-aged woman to pelt her with eggs during a livestream.

At the time, the Instagram star was touring Kaohsiung on February 9.

The ‘woman’ played by her assistant also accused her of seducing her husband and warned her to stay away.

Cheng only admitted it was all an act after a police investigation prompted her to apologise on February 24.

Other streamers have also joined the fart-selling hype.

Twitch star Amouranth previously launched a business called Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies selling farts and bath water in 2022.

Her ‘Scent Jar’ costs £791, while her jar of hot tub water was a much less eyewatering £158.

Stephanie Matto, star of 90 Day Fiancé claimed to make £38,000 per week from selling farts.

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