Amy Schumer's latest stroke of genius is this EPIC pregnancy selfie

Amy Schumer, the comedian whose honest jokes made her into a feminist icon, was never going to shy away from sharing the realities of pregnancy.

True to form, Amy posted one seriously refreshing take on pregnancy. Suffering from severe morning sickness, Amy has been violently sick for six months straight. To celebrate her first sick-free day in half a year the actress took to Instagram to celebrate.

Her form of celebration wasn’t popping the champagne, however. The 37-year-old stripped down for an underwear mirror selfie. Proudly showing her growing bump Amy aptly captioned the image, “Feeling strong and beautiful today #didntpuke.”

It didn’t take long for an outpouring of support to emerge with users classing the photo as, “beautiful,” and one follower saying, “you are amazing and strong and have handled all thrown at you with class and the right amount of sass …. look in that mirror and feel proud.” WORD.

The selfie has garnered 928k likes since it was posted yesterday with fellow celebrity follower, Demi Lovato, writing, “I love you and this pic.”

The post follows her latest comedy special for Netflix, Growing, which has proved to be another smash hit for the comedian. In the stand-up show, Amy discusses the realities of being pregnant with severe morning sickness whilst touching on her husband Chris’s autism diagnosis. Opening up in an emotional way, Amy said the diagnosis made her realise the reason why she fell in love with him was due to the condition. Too. Cute. If you haven’t watched Amy Schumer’s Netflix special, then you are MISSING OUT. Get on it. Now.

For those not in the know, Amy married Chris Fischer, 39, after a whirlwind six month relationship in March last year in an intimate ceremony attended by the likes of Jennifer Lawrenceand Jennifer Aniston. Casual. The pair announced they were expecting their first child at the end of last year.

Congrats, Amy, on yet another refreshing take on life. We salute you.


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