All 34 Tory rebels who defied Theresa May to vote down her Brexit deal

Theresa May’s last-ditch efforts to win over Labour and Tory MPs fell flat as she lost by 58 votes.

In the previous two votes there were 118 Tory rebels who were then whittled down to 75.

Today they were whittled further, with Boris Johnson and  Jacob Rees-Mogg  jeered by MPs as they joined the PM.

Brexit figurehead  Boris Johnson said he had taken the “painful” decision to back a deal he once claimed would leave the UK as a “vassal state” because defeat for the Prime Minister would risk “an even worse version of Brexit or losing Brexit altogether”.

Ex-party leader Iain Duncan Smith, former chief whip Mark Harper and European Research Group members Lucy Allan and Daniel Kawczynski were among Eurosceptic backbenchers who voted with the Government.

ERG chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg said he would “reluctantly” back it, despite previously saying he would vote with the DUP.

A group of 34 Tory MPs (full list below) defied the whip.

Of those six oppose Brexit and want a second referendum.

But the main headache for the PM is the hardcore rump of Brexiteers who refused to switch, despite the PM pledging to resign if her deal passed. Not one Tory abstained.

Labour’s Caroline Flint backed the deal


Meanwhile her efforts to win over Labour  MPs ended in disaster, despite Mrs May pledging to give them a bigger say over the next steps of Brexit  .

Just 5 voted for Theresa May’s deal – Caroline Flint, John Mann, Jim Fitzpatrick, Sir Kevin Barron and Rosie Cooper.

Only two abstained, Brexiteers Ronnie Campbell and Dennis Skinner.

Of other parties, all 34 SNP MPs, all 10 DUP MPs, all 11 Lib Dem MPs, all 4 Plaid Cymru MPs, Green MP Caroline Lucas and all 11 Independent Group MPs voted against the Brexit deal.

Four Independents, Ian Austin, Frank Field, Stephen Lloyd and independent unionist Lady Hermon, voted for Theresa May’s deal.

All 34 Tory rebels who voted against the Brexit deal

1. Adam Afriyie

2. Steve Baker

3. John Baron

4. Guto Bebb

5. Peter Bone

6. Suella Braverman

7. Andrew Bridgen

8. William Cash

9. Christopher Chope

10. James Duddridge

11. Mark Francois

12. Marcus Fysh

Justine Greening joined the march for a People’s Vote

13. Justine Greening

14. Dominic Grieve

15. Sam Gyimah

16. Philip Hollobone

17. Adam Holloway

18. Ranil Jayawardena

19. Bernard Jenkin

20. Andrea Jenkyns

21. Joseph Johnson

22. David Jones

23. Phillip Lee

24. Julian Lewis

25. Julia Lopez

Owen Paterson has refused to budge

26. Craig Mackinlay

27. Anne Marie Morris

28. Priti Patel

29. Owen Paterson

30. John Redwood

31. Laurence Robertson

32. Andrew Rosindell

33. Lee Rowley

34. Theresa Villiers

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