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Alistair McGowan wife: Comic and wife on being childless – ‘they ruin relationships'

Impressionist Alistair McGowan, 55, is back on our screens as he takes part in The Chase: Celebrity Special today. So who is the comedian married to? And why have the couple decided not to have children?

Who is Alistair McGowan’s wife?

In 2013 Alistair McGowan married his girlfriend, singer and actress Charlotte Page.

Charlotte and Alistair had starred together in a production of comic opera, The Mikado.

And before meeting his future wife on-set, Alistair was “resigned to being a bachelor forever” – but Charlotte soon changed his mind.

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Does Alistair McGowan have children?

Alistair and Charlotte do not have any children, and Alistair has said he would find it hard to be “selfless” enough to be a parent.

He told The Mirror: ‘I long ago accepted my childlessness.

“I’d find it hard to be selfless enough to put sufficient energy into a child.

“Neither of us has that instinct – we like our calm, ordered life.

“I think the pressure of having children can ruin many people’s relationships.”


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