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Alex Jones Releases Unhinged Gun-Centric Video Game –

Alex Jones has joined the ranks of far-right figures who have released a video game, and it’s exactly as unhinged as you would expect.

The trailer for

New World Order Wars

features an avatar that looks like Jones wielding a machine gun and fighting all sorts of characters representative of what rightwingers consider their enemies.

He guns down a saxophone-playing Bill Clinton, gets followed around by a superhero version of

Donald Trump

, and frees a bunch of bearded MAGA shirt-wearing men from “Big Tech Jail” guarded by the “Thought Police” while screaming “Let’s free the patriots!”

There’s also a moment where he attacks a “Nazi Dragon” with George Soros’s face, as if modern Nazis haven’t consistently aligned themselves with the conservative right—but of course, it’s better to pretend otherwise.

Much of the trailer sees the


character firing at animals pointedly marked in rainbow colors, a clear stand-in for wanting to destroy


+ people, although the official line is undoubtedly something about simply wanting to defeat an “agenda.” The LGBTQ+ agenda, as we know, is just to have equal rights, not have to hide, and occasionally get some media representation that actually makes it to the final cut.

Jones spent the better part of 2022 getting sued by the families of

Sandy Hook victims

for pushing conspiracy theories that claimed the devastating shooting was a hoax. That he’s trying to make a comeback that entirely revolves around shooting and murdering people would be shockingly tasteless if anyone still believed this man had any sort of conscience.

And of course, his defenders would undoubtedly argue that violent video games are just games—they aren’t going to turn anyone into murderers. Personally, I would agree with that. But considering how much time the right spends trying to

ban books

because they’re afraid they’re going to turn kids gay, it might be time for them to pick a lane.

At any rate, video games might not make murderers, but encouraging people to spend time indulging in even fictional hatred of groups of people and using that fiction to paint them as subhuman enemies that need to be destroyed isn’t exactly a subtle message. Then again, it was never intended to be.

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