Earlier this week, viewers were left confused when Sex Education star Gillian Anderson ‘walked off’ the show before the final credits. 

Gillian joined Alex and Matt to talk about playing Margaret Thatcher in the new series of The Crown, as well as the newest season of Sex Education on Netflix, but just before the credits started rolling Gillian was seen rising from her seat to leave. 

One viewer said: ““Gillian Anderson sounding like she’d rather be doing something interesting, like washing her hair. All the charisma of moon rock #TheOneShow.”

“She even just had to stop herself stretching as SHE STOOD UP FROM SOFA before cut!!!!! Gillian Anderson was the British version of the Meg Ryan interview  ..!! #theoneshow

“I’m glad everyone else thinks Gillian Anderson is boring and up her own …. couldn’t wait to leave even before the show finished#TheOneShow

The One Show continues on BBC One tomorrow at 7pm.


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