Adaptive Fashion webinar series by the CFDA

Adaptive Fashion webinar series by the CFDA

On January 19th 2021, CFDA hosted its first webinar as part of the Adaptive
Fashion series in partnership with Runway of Dreams and Gamut Management.
The speakers included Mindy Scheier – the Founder of Runway of Dreams, and
a panel of guests, who shared their insights, experiences, and perspective
on fashion as People with Disabilities.

In the second part of the webinar series six industry leaders from brands
who are putting their resources behind their adaptive divisions discussed
how this segment was benefiting their businesses. The experts who joined us
for the webinar which you can view above included: Khatija Ghasletwala from
Tommy Hilfiger, Judy Koepsel from Kohl’s Kids, Naly Lee from Stride Rite,
Stacey Monsen from Target, Gena Smith from LVMH, and Dana Zumbo from

The third episode included a group of academic and researchers who shared
real-life business cases based on their many years of research on the power
of Adaptive fashion and inclusion of People with Disabilities. The experts,
Dr. Kerri McBee-Black, Assistant Teaching Professor from University of
Missouri-Columbia, Dr. Kristen Morris, Assistant Professor at Colorado
State University, as well as Erin Schmidt and Deborah Weinswig from
Coresight Research.

To conclude the Adaptive Fashion Series, CFDA hosted a webinar which
brought together a group of innovators with disabilities and innovators
working with people with disabilities who shared how they solve a problem
and create products or concepts to help “navigate” a world that was not
designed for them. The participants included Billy Price from Billy
Footwear, Kaycee Marshall, Adriana Mallozzi from Quirk Laabs, Jovana
Mullins from Alivia, Ryan Hudson-Peralta, and Qaysean Williams.

Video source: CFDA via Youtube


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