Nothing beats the feeling you get when you step out of the hair salon with a fresh and bouncy blow dry. By the same token, nothing quite beats the feeling of frustration when you just *can’t* achieve the same look at home. There’s the struggle to master the wrist-twirling movement your stylist has nailed, or perhaps your hair type makes the process feel like too much hard work before work or maybe you just don’t have enough hands for the job. As Coronavirus sadly takes over the globe, with so many people self-isolating, heading to the hair salon isn’t a top priority. Thankfully for anyone struggling to keep on top of their beauty regime at home in these uncertain times, there’s one piece of equipment that’s about to make your hair styling routine a whole lot smoother (literally) and you can order it right to your front door from Amazon.

The humble hot air brush is a hybrid between a hair dryer and your hair straighteners, offering a smooth, blow-dry finish in one fell swoop.

The heat emitted from hot air brushes dries your locks as you go, and the integrated bristles grasp onto your hair to reduce frizz. Even better, serious strides have been made to incorporate forward thinking technologies into the newest hot air brushes on the block.

Many have detangling nylon bristles to speed up the hair-drying process while others boast heat-activated silicone bristles to add shine to your locks. You can even purchase rotating hot air brushes which swiftly add volume and bounce to your hair.

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In true Amazon fashion, you can find all of the best hot air brushes right there on-site. So why not add one to your basket alongside the latest Hilary Mantel, that last minute birthday present and your reusable makeup remover pads?

There’s the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush which is great for short hair, the Revlon Tangle Free styler which is wonderfully inexpensive (and perfect for travel) and the Remington Flexibrush which comes with numerous different heads. Whatever your hair type, there’s a hair dryer brush for you.

Here are the best-selling hot air brushes on Amazon right now for all hair types.



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