A skint mum made almost £10,000 by charging married men to date her

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A skint single mum has made almost £10,000 by charging wealthy married men to date her.

Britney Boone, 26, says it has been a massive lifestyle change for her.

The mum, from North Carolina, claims before this, childcare costs were taking up most of the wages from her sales job.

Having previously dabbled in sugar daddy websites, making around $9,000 (£6,833) in three years, she was strapped for cash after having her daughter, Britney realised she had to find another way to make extra cash.

So, when a friend told her about a dating site where affluent suitors bid generously for the chance to go on a first date with attractive singletons, it was an ideal solution.

But Britney, who as well as being paid by her dates has been showered with gifts like designer jewellery, exotic holidays and shopping sprees, is keen to refute claims that it is like escorting – which the site specifically bans.

‘While I’m on the site for its financial incentives and not to find love, it’s a completely different thing,’ she said.

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‘Prostitutes are paid for a very specific thing, whereas I am paid for my time and there is no pressure to do anything I don’t want to do.

‘I can understand why people think that as money is involved, but actually, I’ve only slept with one man I met on the site, who I ended up in a relationship with anyway. Anyone else I’ve met I see more as a mentor.’

Apart a brief relationship with a friend she had known for six years and who is the father of her child, Britney had been single for around three years before joining the dating website.

During that time, she used a number of sugar daddy style websites, although she found this could be detrimental to her real romantic life.

She explained: ‘Guys either respect the fact that I’m doing this so me and my daughter don’t go without, or they really, really don’t like it.’

Then, after her daughter was born, Britney found herself struggling more than ever with her finances.

She continued: ‘I know people will read this and think, “Why didn’t you just get another job?” But I am a single mum, I can’t work 24/7 without seeing my child.

‘She has a strict routine and she needs me there. I looked into the option of childcare too, but it would be around $1,400 (£1,063) a month, which is the majority of your monthly salary, if you are low paid or on minimum wage.

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‘It got to the point where I really couldn’t afford much at all. It was really tough.’

Since going on dates with rick, married men, Britney’s finances have completely changed.

And though the website is for dating and finding real connection, she says her incentive for using it is financial, not romantic.

On average, she receives $100 (£76) -$200 (£152) for a lunch or dinner date and between $400 (£304) and $800 (£609) for overnight meet-ups – money which helped her support herself and her child when she was out of work for around five months.

‘On top of the money, I’ve been given gifts like a Cartier bracelet and trips to Dubai,’ she said, listing some other perks of joining the site. ‘On one occasion, a guy gave me his credit card and let me go on an $800 (£609) shopping spree in all my favourite stores.

‘But I have also formed friendships and now have people I can rely on in a tough situation.

‘My car got repossessed a while back, so I called a man I’d met, and within a day, he gave me the money for a new one.

‘It’s reassuring to know I have that to fall back on, that I could lose my job tomorrow and be okay.’

Despite facing criticism, Britney insists that what she does is very different from sex work, stressing that if a man ever made her feel uncomfortable or pressured, she would no longer see him.

She added: ‘There is the odd man that is only after one thing, but you get that anywhere. Mostly, the men are mature, career-driven and well-rounded.

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‘They’ve even given me career and business advice and let me pick their brains for sales tips, as a lot of them work in that world.’

While most of her dates have been enjoyable, however, Britney is disappointed by the fact a good number of the men she has met have been married.

Although she does not condone married men dating other women, she still says having an innocent dinner with her is better than sleeping with someone behind their wives’ backs.

‘Men want that spark too, and to feel desired and validated,’ she said. ‘A lot of them have been married a long time and their relationships have grown stagnant.

‘They don’t want to cheat, so instead they just go for dinner with someone who will pay them attention.

‘It’s nice for them to feel back in that early dating stage, where you go out for nice meals and properly court.

‘And I haven’t slept with any married men. The most they get is a peck on the cheek at the end of the night.’

The majority of Britney’s loved ones know what she does and are supportive, but she does accept that not everybody is so positive.

She added: ‘I understand where they are coming from, but this has helped me provide for my daughter, so what’s the harm?

‘To women wanting to try it themselves, I’d say be cautious and listen to your gut. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything. Just because money is involved, doesn’t mean there is an expectation.

‘Other than that, have fun. You get to get dressed up, go out and get wined and dined – what’s so bad about that?’

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