A rose-tinted view of Harold Wilson’s affair | Brief letters

Am I being a mite old-fashioned if I mention the fact that Harold Wilson’s affair may have given him some “sunny” vistas as he aged, but his wife Mary may not have been quite so irradiated with joy (Editorial, 11 April)? Sorry to dampen the general euphoria, but the cliche of a 20-year age gap (no need to ask which direction) is also tiresome. I have only heard two men break their silence on the affair. Mary may have told another story.
Jane Kearey

Oh to live in Bath, where there are enough copies of the Guardian to cover all the tabloids (Letters, 9 April). My local supermarket rarely has more than one left when I arrive. Solution? Turn the tabloids over – sport on the back page is usually less toxic.
Jennifer Gale
Littleham, Devon

An article about the Fender Stratocaster (‘With a Strat you can rule the world!’ Nile Rodgers, Bonnie Raitt and John Squire on the electric guitar that changed everything, 10 April) and not a single mention of its greatest exponent – Buddy Holly?
Graham Downie
Studley, Warwickshire

I enjoyed the line in Peter Higgs’s obituary (9 April) “the root of Gerardus ’t Hooft’s proof”. Try saying that 10 times over very quickly. It gives you a new idea of the structure of the universe.
Martin Guha

If the people who invented the silly name Abrdn for Aberdeen were so upset by vowels (Letters, 11 April), why did they leave in the A?
Dr Richard Carter
Putney, London


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