A-list hairdresser, Jen Atkin, says the 'tendril updo' is the hairstyle we'll all be wearing this summer because it's so effortlessly chic

As any avid Kardashian fan knows, the famous family won’t go anywhere without their go-to hairstylist, Jen Atkin.

The hair honcho is always one step head of the latest trends, techniques and product launches. So, when we spotted a snap of client Em Rata on Jen’s Instagram grid, we asked GLAMOUR’s columnist to give us the lowdown on the ‘tendril updo’ look, which she says is set to be major this summer.

You read it here first.

“I am constantly looking to the past for inspiration. The 90s play a huge role in that, especially with the tendril pieces in the front. So many movies I love have championed that exact look – especially two of my favourites, She’s All That and Pretty Woman.

I believe less is more in a lot of cases. I love when hair looks effortless, natural and somewhat undone. I would say clients are great about collabing with the whole glam squad. I like to find out what the outfit and makeup look is going to be before I decide on the hair.

Tendrils are absolutely back for this season. I think they’re flirty, sexy and frame women’s faces nicely. You can either go a little heavier with them like I did in Emily’s look by grabbing larger pieces right at the part or you can be more playful and grab random pieces right above the ear and further up the hairline.

Here’s how to get the look in 6 simple steps…

1. Prep damp hair w/ OUAI wave spray and blowdry using Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (med speed + med heat).

2. Using a 1 1/2” barrel curling iron, wrap sections of hair around in alternating directions, pulling on them while they’re hot for a looser effect.

3. Apply OUAI Dry Texture Foam throughout & Tancho stick on roots.

4. Pick out tendril pieces in the front & create two ponytails close in proximity, one above another and secure with a hair tie or bungee.

5. Take both ponies and wrap into a messy French twist, secure with French hair pins.

6. Accessorise! Snap clips are really making a comeback. I’m seeing so many of them on the gram and girls getting so creative using them to add a little glitz to their look.

See you next month!


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