A day well spent with… Miranda Kerr, model and founder of Kora Organics

Ever wondered how Miranda Kerr always looks so fresh?

The internationally recognised supermodel is not only a mum of two (with another on the way), she’s also CEO and founder of skincare label Kora Organics, which recently launched in London at Space NK. You’d be forgiven for thinking Kerr might not have enough hours in the day for meditation, crystals and acupuncture, but you’d be wrong. 

Here’s what a day in the life of Miranda Kerr looks like, from the supermodel herself…

I wake up every morning at 5.30 because that’s when my husband gets up. I was never a morning person until he came along! The first thing I do is a meditation and some gentle stretching, then hop in the shower. We have a good hour before the kids wake up.

I meditate every day. I learnt TM meditation so I have my own mantra. They give you a specific mantra when you do the TM course and it’s only meant for you and you’re not allowed to tell anyone. You just close your eyes and you focus on the breath and your mantra. It’s convenient because you can do it anywhere. Because I have been meditating for such a long time there are so many that I do. There’s a yoga nidra meditation, I do kundalini meditation, and, if my mind is too busy, I sometimes need to have a guided one – I love this guided meditation I have on my phone by Dr Ramdesh called Journey into Stillness – it has a singer on it who sounds like an angel.

Each day I take my Noni glow skincare supplement, a liquid B12 supplement for energy, a liquid zinc supplement to make sure I don’t get a cold. 

Every morning I have celery juice. My whole family does it. Flynn has 30 mls, Hart has 10 mls and my husband and I we have 16-20 oz. I’ve been doing it for about nine months and I really feel the difference. 

Then I have a smoothie called the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie – I’m crazy about health. It’s really simple, it’s just 2 bananas, 2 cups of wild blueberries, 1 cups of cilantro, 1 cup of orange juice, a teaspoon of barley grass juice powder, 1 teaspoon spirulina and a small handful of dulse (seaweed). I try to get Flynn to have it. On the weekends I make Evan have it but during the week he’s out of the door pretty early. It’s not for the baby yet, the baby just has celery juice.

After the celery juice and smoothie then I will eat something. Lately I’ve been having steamed potatoes with avocado on top with a little olive oil and sea salt. Otherwise gluten free toast with avocado.

My normal exercise routine is Pilates three to four times a week, yoga three times a week – I have a ritual with my husband where we do yoga at least once in a weekend. If he’s away travelling then I do it with the boys. Sometimes we do family yoga with all of them. Hart will be crawling on me and Flynn is doing the poses with us, Flynn has been doing yoga for a long time so he likes it too. He sits and meditates too.

Right now though because I’m pregnant and I’m so nauseous I haven’t been doing as much yoga. I’ve been doing more meditation and walks and swimming – because I have a pool at home. I swim with my 8-year-old he loves it. I think when you’re pregnant it’s important to not go crazy and be gentle with yourself. Once the morning sickness subsides I will get back into Pilates.

For lunch I typically have a protein and vegetables. Like a salmon fillet with sweet potato mash and lots of chopped greens or a salad. I like to chop up greens finely – like spinach, cilantro, chopped green olives, carrot. I like to do a very finely chopped salad with some olive oil and lemon. The kids love it too.

Generally I’m not a snacker. Now I’m pregnant I do – I love marmite toast, and I have to have an apple by my bed as I get such cravings.

For dinner, sometimes I will do my slow roast chicken with turmeric. That’s really satisfying, with sweet potatoes and broccoli.

I’m not gluten free. I used to be but when I’m pregnant or even if I’m travelling, I’m just not that strict on myself. I don’t want to be fussy. When I’m abroad I’m just like whatever, I can eat it!

I have a very strict sleep routine. Every night I make sure that, when I’m with the kids at home (which is most of the time now), I have a bath with Hart. I only half fill the bath as he’s little and don’t make it too warm as I’m pregnant. He loves it. While I’m in the bath Flynn’s in the shower. It’s Harts favourite time of the day. I use the Kora bodywash on him and he plays around and I wash his hair. And I light a little beeswax candle and I put relaxing music on so that’s our little ritual. 

I get Hart into bed by 6.45 and then I’ll read three books to Flynn (short books!) and do a meditation with him and he’s asleep by 7.30. And then by that time my husband’s home and then I’ll have a second dinner, having eaten with the kids at 5.30, and then we talk and go to bed. 

I can’t be bothered to go and get facials. If the kids are asleep and my husband is busy at work, I like to lay down at home and have a Reiki facial, otherwise I’m not that bothered. I have this amazing woman who comes to my home. She uses a gua sha on your face and puts stones on your body while she does the facial, and then while the sleeping mask is on then she does Reiki. I feel like a brand new person afterwards.

I used to get oxygen facials a lot. I do have an oxygen facial machine at home, but I haven’t been doing it as much lately. I also have a microdermabrasion machine at home that I do on myself. microdermabrasion.

I love massages though. That’s something that I do a lot. I have a masseuse that I’ve known for ten years. He was a Korean monk so he does like stretching and deep tissue and it’s really incredible. 

I also love acupuncture. I’ve had facial acupuncture a few times too and I loved that.

I have crystals all round my house. My favourites are rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz. I just find that they’re a really great tool. Holding one just feels really soothing. Sometimes if I can’t sleep I will sleep with one under my pillow. The amethyst is really soothing as is the rose quartz. Spraying the lavender mist on your pillow is a good tip too.


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