A £12.95 serum made from mustard leaf pretty much cured this woman's acne

Whether you want to display your acne in all its glory or would rather curate a skincare regime to minimise it, your skin is yours to own.

At GLAMOUR, we swear by the mantra ‘your beauty, your rules’ and praise skin-positivity series but also totally understand that people might want to cover up their acne with concealer or treat it with acne potions, which is why we’re always on the hunt for the best acne treatments and skincare advice and out there.

The latest tidbit we’ve discovered is a relic of advice from a woman who was battling severe acne. Elettra Gugole, 22, from Italy, told FEMAIL how she’d been suffering from cystic acne since coming off the contraceptive pill. “I developed horrific painful cystic lumps under my skin and I became scared about what was happening to my face,” she said.

After trialling a host of treatments and dermatologist appointments to no avail, Elettra tried a product recommended to her by a fellow sufferer on social media.

Elettra added Clarol SeboPure, £12.95, to her skincare regime and claimed it worked wonders for targetting her cysts.

“The effects were not immediate and after a week my skin actually got slightly worse and I was going to just throw it away,” she said. However, with continued use, the cream had a noticeable effect on her skin. “My skin became less oily but it still felt extremely soft and elastic, which was amazing as normally with acne products, if the oil is reducing then the skin is left very dry and tight,” she said.

The after photos show that her skin became much clearer and the cysts far less aggressive, so what exactly is the product?

Clarol Sebopure controls acne by keeping sebum production pure. It uses a patented ingredient derived from wild mustard leaf oil called Pixalia, which has been scientifically proven as an active sebum preserver.

According to the product’s description, “it doesn’t attack the skin’s natural processes through the use of harsh anti-bacterial agents or sebum blocking products. Sebopure works in harmony with the skin’s natural sebum production, keeping sebum pure to prevent acne while not damaging or drying skin.”

We’re all for a budget beauty buy at GLAMOUR but it’s all about trial and error when it comes to finding a hardworking beauty solution so read our ultimate acne treatment guide for expert advice from top dermatologists.


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