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8 Video Games That Taught You History Through Immersion – WhatCulture

Every history buff alive laments over the fact that they were born too late to see their favorite historical turning point through anything besides visual media.

Primary sources and adaptations of these sources can provide us with an interesting perspective of how things came to be through the eyes of someone in the middle of it all, but rarely do they allow us to truly interact with an environment that no longer exists in the present.

The allure of visual media is the escapism that we all seek. Even if it is a product of modern day nostalgia, stories from the past offer us all a departure from the mundane nature of everyday life.

Instead of sitting at a nine-to-five office job, imagining ourselves as a soldier on a French battlefield in 1916, or the Japanese Shogun in 1255, can give us a far more emotional experience that may attest to the trials and tribulations these people went through.

Thanks to gaming, we no longer have to be mere onlookers of world events. Because of these eight unique games, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in these eras before us.


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