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Explosions are a common sight in video games. They often occur in shooters and action-adventure titles, yet they certainly aren’t tied to one or two genres. Racing games, platformers, puzzlers, and even the occasional sports title features a fiery blast of some kind.

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In many cases, these explosions are caused by a rocket launcher or a grenade. However, sometimes the weapon that creates all of the carnage is more unconventional. After all, the video game industry is filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful weaponry. Here are the strangest things you can use to blow somebody or something up.

Mollusk Launcher – Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row The Third Screenshot Of Mollusk Launcher In Use

There are many great and unique weapons in the Saints Row series, from blackhole launchers to guns that fire dubstep music. But when it comes to explosives, the Mollusk Launcher is the strangest.

It fires little octopi that attach themselves onto the heads of enemies and control their brains. These mind-controlled drones then help you out in combat. The explosion comes when you grow tired of them, as the weapon has a secondary function that allows you to detonate the little creatures. Of course, when you do so, their hosts’ heads explode.

Fat Man – Fallout Series

Fallout 3 Fat Man Weapon, Explosion In Distance

Some of the weirdest weapons in gaming history have more style than substance as they aren’t always effective. Yet, that can not be said of the Fat Man from the Fallout series. This beast fires nukes that result in giant explosions. So, even the most fearsome monsters can’t stand up to the weapon’s might.

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The contraption is weird because it’s simply a big catapult that can somehow fire nuclear ordnance. Therefore, not only should it not work, but it looks extremely dangerous for the user. What if somebody just shot the unprotected nuke before it was even fired?

Blue Shell – Mario Kart Series

Mario Kart 8 Screenshot of Wario Blue Shell

The Blue Shell from Mario Kart is one of the most iconic weapons in gaming. Once thrown, it makes its way to the racer leading the pack and hits them with a giant explosion. It doesn’t matter how great their vehicle is; the poor victim is left disorientated and open to being overtaken.

It’s the Mario Kart great equalizer as it perpetually gives the player in first place a reason to worry even if they’ve got a significant lead. The games have never explained why a turtle shell has explosive capabilities, though.

Cow Launcher – South Park

South Park N64 Screenshot Of Cow Launcher

South Park has done many things that nobody else in the television world would’ve thought of doing. And the series’ originality expands to the games. In the South Park N64 title, you get access to plenty of odd weapons, including the Cow Launcher.

The name is pretty self-explanatory as it’s a weapon that shoots cows. When the bovine hits the target, it explodes into a gas (for some reason) and deals out significant damage. The weapon is perhaps even more strange than the hilarious summons in The Fractured But Whole.

Kitty Cannon – Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive Screenshot Of Boo-boo Robo Dog

Virtually every aspect of Sunset Overdrive is unique, which is why many believe the game needs a sequel. One of the most ridiculous weapons is the Kitty Cannon. The name is worrisome, but the gun is not as barbaric as it sounds. It doesn’t fire actual kittens. Instead, the gun shoots stuffed cats that lure a robot dog named Boo Boo.

The mechanical canine runs to the toy and blows up anyone in its path. As the explosion is shockingly big, you can use it to wipe out large groups of enemies at once.

Atomic Toaster – MDK2

MDK2 Screenshot Of Atomic Toaster In Use

If you’re not aware of MDK2, the fact that a toaster is one of the protagonist’s signature weapons gives you a clue into what type of game it is. While the machine begins as a regular kitchen appliance, it soon turns into an atomic version after being dipped into a vat of plutonium.

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The transformation allows the weapon to launch bread-based artillery. And it uses three different types of ammunition: Loaves of Bread, Baguettes, and Pumpernickels. While they all function a bit differently, each one explodes and deals plenty of damage to whoever it hits.

Pegasus – Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Screenshot Of Pegasus

Each entry in the Dead Rising series is among the weirdest open-world games ever. Weapons like the Pegasus are the reason the series has a reputation for being odd. You can craft the contraption in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record by combining a stick pony with some fireworks.

The result is a weapon that you can jam into a zombie to make them shoot up into the air and explode. A bonus is that the fireworks also set fire to any other zombie they pass as they make their ascent.

Super Sheep – Worms Series

Worms WMD Screenshot Of Super Sheep In Action

In the Worms universe, sheep always explode for some unexplained reason. Yet, the volatile sheep became even more ridiculous when the developers added a version that has a cape and can fly. These majestic creatures are called Super Sheep.

You unleash them, then press the attack button again to make them fly. And you get to control them in the air, which is very handy. They blow up when they come in contact with anything, and the explosion is a hefty one.

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