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7 Controversial Video Games You REALLY Shouldn’t Play – WhatCulture

It’s common knowledge that video games don’t always come out the way they were first imagined. Whether it’s minor storyline tweaks to suit a broader audience or a graphical overhaul with the latest technology, sometimes the worlds we’re meant to see just aren’t what we get.

There are some games out there, however, that are so downright dangerous, the industry had to pull rank and call when developers have gone too far. They decide for our own good that no one wants the experience on offer, no matter how enticing gameplay might sound or how beautiful visuals might be, avoiding controversy and burying the evidence deep underneath releases with far tamer subject matters.

This can totally work out, or it can be a severe overreach on what’s upsetting to the mass populous. “Won’t someone think of the children!?” feeling like the overriding sentiment.

Either way, who are we to be told what to do? Whilst these titles may never see the light of day how they were intended – if they even made it out at all – we can still take a look at what might have been.


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