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7 best Nintendo Switch sports video games to play right now – For The Win

As proven by Mario Tennis Aces, developer Camelot Software Planning knows how to elevate a sports game on the Nintendo Switch, so it’s no surprise that Mario Golf: Super Rush turns teeing up into an exciting arcade adventure for solo players and families.

In the game’s adventure mode, you’ll rise through the ranks as a Mii Rookie, taking on challenging courses in rough terrain while enjoying a hilarious narrative stocked with classic Mario characters. Outside of the story mode, you can play golf with up to four friends and feel the haptics of a careful shot as you chase that elusive hole-in-one.

The addition of quirky modes like Speed Golf and Battle Golf ensures that less-skilled players have a chance to cause some chaos on the green, but there’s no question that this golf simulation can get serious with a group of skilled players.


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