64 more Covid-19 deaths reported in lowest Monday figure since October as fatalities fall by nearly a third in a week


here were 64 deaths within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus reported in the UK today – the lowest Monday figure since October 12.

Between March 9 and 15 March 15, there have been 1,014 deaths within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test. This shows a decrease of 29.6 per cent compared to the previous week.

The latest figures bring the death toll up to 125,516.

Only the USA, Brazil, Mexico and India have lost more citizens than the UK to the virus and an insider close to the Prime Minister told The Telegraph if he could have another go at fighting the pandemic he would act “harder, earlier and faster” on lockdown.

A source said the government “lost weeks”, despite having advanced warning of the horrific death rates of European countries like Italy.

This afternoon the Department of Health added that a further 5,089 people had tested positive for coronavirus.

Earlier today NHS England said that 76 hospital patients had died, aged between 47 and 102.

Asked directly if he could tell the public that the vaccine is safe, Boris Johnson said: “Yes, I can. In the MHRA we have one of the toughest and most experienced regulators in the world.

“They see no reason at all to discontinue the vaccination programme… for either of the vaccines that we’re currently using.

“They believe that they are highly effective in driving down not just hospitalisation but also serious disease and mortality.

“We continue to be very confident about the programme and it’s great to see it being rolled out at such speed across the UK.”

A total of 21,921,282 Covid-19 vaccinations took place in England between December 8 and March 14, according to provisional NHS England data, including first and second doses, which is a rise of 237,395 on the previous day.


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