6 Styling Secrets to Make Your Kitchen More Unique

6 Styling Secrets to Make Your Kitchen More Unique

In many homes, a kitchen has a magic power to draw the guests in. The host offers tea or coffee, a quick snack and then, caught up in the conversation, everyone spends the whole evening in the kitchen. How to make this space functional and personalised? Follow this guide to create a homey and unique atmosphere in your kitchen.

Mix White Base With Colour

It’s indisputable that shades of white are the best colours for kitchens. They reflect the natural light, add brightness and enlarge a small room. Use white as a base colour for your ceiling, walls, cabinets, and countertops. Then, distinguish one element by adding a low-contrasting colour. Natural tones of wood, pastel pink, bright burgundy or copper metal complement white perfectly. Choose a colour to reflect your taste.

Add a Decorative Element

A kitchen doesn’t have to be only about functionality. Add a piece-of-art pendant, sculpted hardware, an ornamental kitchen table or kitchen canvas. A decorative element draws attention and sets the consistent style for the whole room. Everyone feels cosy in a well-designed space because the human mind likes order and structure. If you’re looking for inspiration for kitchen art, check out these kitchen paintings.

Replace Hardware

Don’t be too conservative with the hardware of your kitchen cabinets. The old design school promoted hardware in the same colours. You don’t have to stick to this rule. Replacing drawer and cabinet pulls can completely change the look of a piece of furniture. Experiment with consistent use of different metal colours, or add colourful handmade handles.

Expand Space

Open-plan kitchens are the easiest way of making the space more inviting. It’s the most obvious choice to expand your kitchen to the dining or living room. If that’s not possible in your kitchen, consider installing double French doors to your terrace. This way you’ll add space, even when they’re closed in winter.

Display Pantry Storage

DIY boxes, colourful containers, jars on magnets – there are plenty of options on how to organise your pantry. You can turn it into an elegant, creative gallery that reveals a lot about your kitchen habits – your favourite spices, recipes, and ingredients. You won’t have a soulless, catalogues-like space. An additional bonus is that your kitchen supplies will always be on hand.

Turn Glass Cabinet Doors Into an Art Display

Replacing wooden cabinet doors for glass ones is a frequent recommendation. It optically adds space. However, it can offer one more upgrade. You can use them as frames for your children’s artwork, memorabilia, or favourite recipes. Perhaps, don’t cover all the cabinets with cut-out paintings, but certainly, choose one to make it unique.

Finding one’s style is not always an easy task. Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on how to make your kitchen more personalised.

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