5 ways to reuse your used candle jars to make you look like a total interior design kween

Arguably the best thing about a scented candle is the jar it comes in. Ok, so the sensual aromas and flickers of soft light are also pretty pivotal, but there’s no denying that the jars themselves are a big part of their overall appeal.

Whether they’re minimally designed or fabulously ornate, chic clear glass or stunning black opaque, candle jars really can be a key piece in your interiors game able to transform any space from shabby to chic in the time it takes to strike a match.

And yet, many of us throw them away as soon as the wax has finished, which is a boundless shame, in our opinion. So next time you finish your scented candle, check out these crafty, clever and cute ways you can easily repurpose it to stunning effect…


There’s really no need to spend lots of money on storage for your makeup products, especially if you’re an avid candle burner.

Candle jars make the perfect containers for everything from lipsticks to makeup brushes to cotton wool pads. Not only will they immediately up your vanity table game, but being more organised will also make finding your favourite products a whole lot easier.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve got pennies *everywhere*. Shoved in top drawers, or trinket trays, or else swimming at the bottom of every handbag you’ve ever held.

The fact is, if you were able to round up all those loose pennies, you’d probably be pleasantly surprised by the number of pounds you could make up.

Why not refashion your old candle jars into a chic piggy bank, so next time you find yourself flinging your spare change into the nearest nook and cranny, stop and drop it in the jar to watch your fortune grow.


Indoor gardens are a huge interior trend right now, but above that, plants are actually exceptionally good for our health, helping to purify the air around up as well as provide a much needed serving of nature in our every day lives.

Whether you fancy some succulents, or else some pretty flowering plants, use your candle jar to house your new leafy friends – all you’ll need is some potting soil.


Keep the candle burning and get crafty with your own creation. It’s simple really – all you’ll need is some soy wax, a wick and some fragrant oils.

You can buy ready-made wicks from your local craft store, or else Amazon sells 20 for £2.20. Pop the wick in your cleaned out candle jar, holding it in place with a couple of tooth picks.

Meanwhile, melt some wax flakes on the stove (again, Amazon is your best bet – they sell all types of wax, in all different colours) and once cooled off, add in your essential oils for a heavenly aroma. Pour the wax into your old candle jar over the wick, and you’re ready to roll.


Turns out, candle jars make the *perfect* cocktail tumblers. Obviously, if you have an extra large, four-wick candle jar, it may be too big (or maybe not?), but the standard candle jars are pretty much the perfect size for a short cocktail. Cheers to that!


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