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5 Video Games with The Biggest Downgrade from Reveal to Launch –

Many videos games don’t have the same features and effects like the ones present during the time of release. What are the reasons, god knows? But the fact is, if a video game goes through a downgrade, it makes it less impressive and impacting.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a casino game from the live dealer casinos, or just a casino online game, we are sure you want them to be perfect.

This can be understood by making a direct comparison between what was promised and what’s been actually offered.

So, let’s see which are the ones which have seen a pitiable down gradation:

# 1 Anthem

This video game, from Bioware, promised a lot, in terms of content and animations. In the launch, a fully active and very interactive Fort Tarsis was promised, with very luminous lighting and many non-player characters (NPC) doing the rounds. This actually didn’t turn out to be true.

In the final version, a very dull and plain Fort Tarsis is introduced with very few NPS’s.

The actual version of the game did not offer a piece of very interactive and responsive machinery and characters. The worst was the significantly downsized landscape and picturesque panorama.

# 2 The Witcher 3

Another one on the list is The Witcher 3 which promised some amazing mixture of computer-generated imagery (CGI), moving icons and responsive gameplay.

There is no denying the fact that Witcher 3 is a wonderful video game with superb animation and effects, but it’s also true that it’s a downsized version of what was seen during the release.

There are many downgraded features in the final version, from the combat to the overall quality.

The Witcher 3 showcased during the reveal had very smooth and fluid mechanics, and also very responsive gameplay, however, what we saw during the launch was comparatively less effective and less enigmatic gameplay and mech.

Old Style Map mod from Witcher 3 Nexus

#3 Rainbow Six Siege

Siege during the release showed a great multiplayer shooter, a great environment full of lights, effects and glitz, but what was offered during the launch was badly downsized.

The realistic player movements and multiplayer shooting extravaganza were absent. The final version was not only less impressive but also lacked considerably in gameplay.

There was an interesting scene in the trainer where a helicopter falls, but this never made to the final version of the game.


#4 Division

This video game from Ubisoft was revealed in 2013 and promised a very futuristic video game. It was one of the ways Ubisoft wanted to leap and make it big in the gaming industry.

With this in mind, it revealed a very high-performing one. However, the final one, launched after 3 years, didn’t actually keep up to the expectations.

During the reveal, the action starts, when a CGI agent is seen in a dark and deserted New York city, it has some superb effects and lighting. The overall style is great. The screenplay is slick and fast.

However, the final version was really, not up to the mark. With a less detailed and poorly lit New York city, it was a disgrace in dim light.

#5 Mass Effect: Andromeda

When launched, Mass Effect: Andromeda was really not the same, that was revealed in 2015.

With some major issues like bad facial movements, absolutely no fluidity in character movements, rubber-faced characters, the show was a flop to some extent.

However, to our astonishment, the reveal showed a bustling video game, full of life, effects and is super- fun.

The final one showed a downgrade, to the extent, it can be called a total mess and black stain on Bioware’s brand name, which also makes for a complete disaster story.

Check out the handy video below to see how much of a downgrade the game went through.


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