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5 Video Games With Stupidly Long Names You Immediately Abbreviated – Twinfinite


World Championship Poker 2 – Featuring Howard Lederer

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For our first subject, we didn’t opt for necessarily the longest game title ever but one that seemed bizarrely far longer than it really needed to be. What’s wrong with ‘World Championship Poker 2’? Outside of the fact that it probably didn’t cut it for the sponsorship deal for Mr. Lederer, a two-time World Poker Tour winner.

Honestly, I can’t imagine if someone asked me back then what I was playing on my PSP, I’d turn around and give them the full spiel of ‘World Championship Poker 2… Featuring Howard Lederer.’ On top of that, it wasn’t even that great of a poker game, so that makes its ridiculously long name even more silly.

Simpler Shorter Title Suggestion: World Championship Poker 2


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