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5 video games developed in India that one should try out in 2022 – Sportskeeda

The industry of video games in India has grown exponentially over the last few years. It has been an emerging market in the country in the previous decade, with an especially strong presence in online gaming. Although the development side of the gaming industry is underdeveloped compared to other Asian countries, it has been steadily growing with several remarkable titles released in recent years.


The subcontinent is filled with talented artists with countless stories to tell and a limitless pool of lores to dive into. Both games developed in India and those developed outside but revolve around India are exciting ventures. For the latter, examples include Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Tomb Raider 3, and Far Cry 4.

This article lists five games developed in India that players should give a try in 2022.

5 Indian video games to check out in 2022

1) Raji: An Ancient Epic

One of the most well-known Indian games of recent years, Raji: An Ancient Epic, has been well received by both critics and players. The incorporation of Hindu mythology and the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana by Nodding Heads Games in Raji has been impeccably done.


The warm color palette and the art style, based on Pahari paintings, are perfectly accompanied by soundtracks that further the local ambiance of the gamespace. Players will get to control Raji and search for her brother, who has been abducted by demons.

Gamers will get to dabble in various mythological weapons, hear gods conversing with each other and Raji, explore the beautiful architecture of the game, and take down enemies with ease.

2) Asura

Asura, a rogue-like action video game, has been developed by Ogre Head Studio. Like Raji, it is steeped in Indian mythology and its lore. The description assures that the video game has a “unique procedural skill tree which changes on every play-through.”


Asura sits with a very positive rating among fans and several laurels it has picked up over the years. Players can step into a brutal hack and slash title with various weapons to choose from and styles to play through. It is an enjoyable game with a dose of Indian mythology that players can definitely give a try.

3) Gamedev Beatdown

In this meta game, players take on the role of a game developer in “an exciting new turn-based combat and narrative game” while they are constantly being dogged by their colleagues on every decision. Coming from QYJO, Gamedev Beatdown was released in 2021 and has a positive review rating on Steam.


It’s a unique, quirky take on showcasing the extensive set of actions taken by people that happen behind the curtains for a video game to come to life. Players will be one such person who has to make hard decisions where their choices may or may not come true. If they can handle the pressure is the real question.

4) a Museum of Dubious Splendors

Not only a Museum of Dubious Splendors but the entire oeuvre of Studio Oleomingus is an excellent set of titles that players can dive into to experience the intersection of imperial power structures and histories.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Studio Oleomingus stated that they try to subvert the primacy of “a single reductive record of the past” through their video games.

a Museum of Dubious Splendors is a storybook of the Gujarati poet Mir UmarHassan based in the world of Somewhere, the space that all their titles inhabit. Beyond that, players will have to find out for themselves. They will be remiss not to experience the sublime games that Studio Oleomingus has to offer.

5) Rainswept

In Rainswept, players will be helping Detective Stone investigate the shooting of a young couple. They will be doing this by exploring the town of Pineview, interacting with locals, talking with them, and reliving the victims’ memories. But the detective also has his own nightmares to keep at bay.

Rainswept is a somber story for players to experience, one of grief, loss, and possibly hope. Those who love a good narrative piece wrapped in a murder mystery should definitely pick up this video game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.


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