5 super simple sustainable swaps to make your beauty routine more earth-friendly

Most of us are here for making our beauty routine more sustainable. After all, we don’t want a regime that’s supposed to be beautiful, creating ugly problems for our planet and future. So, if there’s more we can do (and there definitely is), consider us sponges. We’re here to mop up those lifestyle switches that can make all the difference.

We know that product pick-me-ups are costing the earth. From the plastic packaging filling land fills, to cosmetic chemicals washing away down the drain and disrupting marine life. And we know our beauty routines and habits can have a huge impact.

We might think we can’t change the world in a big way through the beauty products that we choose, but cumulatively, a switch as simple as ditching our daily face wipes could save thousands from entering our oceans throughout our lifetime.

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With more brands innovating to come up with a league of creative and sustainable solutions to the problem, the choice is ours. We just have to make it.

Here’s 5 easy ways to make our beauty routine more planet-friendly…

1. Switch to solid soaps and shampoo

When you consider that 80 billion (!!!) plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles get thrown out globally each year, it’s easy to see why we’re in need of a switch-up here. Increasingly, brands are turning to solid bars to massively reduce on waste on three fronts.

First, they reduce the use of packaging. Lush’s Naked bars leave behind zero trace, while others from the likes of Ethique and Garnier’s Shampoo bars use only a small amount of recyclable FSC certified cardboard packaging.

Second, they reduce water consumption, since they make use of the water you’re already showering in to lather up.


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