5 need-to-know paints to give your home a new look for the New Year

In 2020 we will bring more thoughtful colours into the home.

They should feel friendly, relatable, warm and welcoming to our friends and family. We want to be proud of our homes and use colours that convey a sense of ease and familiarity. These five colour trends sit happily together within any thoughtful home.

The considered choices are a result of being more aware of sustainability as well as wanting to find calm within the chaos of our tech focused culture and turbulent world.

We want our homes to be places not only to rest and recover but also to rejuvenate and inspire. These are colours that anchor our homes, remind us of our childhoods and are perfect for family life. They are traditional but with a twist.


Farrow & Ball’s Bancha

Olive greens reinforce our connection with nature and create a welcoming start to the journey through your home. Bringing elements of the natural world into our interiors encourages personal growth as well as a feeling of calm. Use olive greens like Bancha or Sap Green in a hall to reinforce your connection to nature and make all the rooms off it feel bigger and lighter. Surrender to the urge to escape and find refuge in the beauty of nature by using the colours of the earth, combining olive greens with muted yellows like Hay and blush pinks such as Setting Plaster.


Jitney – a neutral shade

The palette of neutrals we want to use in the home has expanded. We are looking to bring warmer, less grey tones into our home to add personality and elegance while still remaining comfortable. Soft understated Jitney and luminous Orange Coloured White are wonderful base colours to build upon, so are particularly suited to kitchens where we can layer blues and greens such as Light Blue and Vert de Terre on units and islands, to reconnect with the elements of verdant earth, clean air and natural light. Embrace these earthier timeless neutrals to add warmth to any home.


Setting Plaster shade

Blush pinks continue to enchant us with their feel-good mellow quality, ensuring that rooms painted in soft Setting Plaster or Pink Ground wrap you up in a warm and welcoming embrace. These colours promote slow living and have a romantic side without being sickly sweet in any way. Create a cosy, calm sitting room to escape to by combining wall colours with deep browns like Mahogany or Broccoli Brown on woodwork. This simple understated style has its roots in the past, but still results in an inviting, current feeling spaces in which to rest and regenerate.


Duck Green

If you want to add some flavourful colour to your palette, strong colours suit rooms we use at the end of the day when we want to relax and be comforted. However, we have moved away from dark charcoals and blues to use the darker tones of nature like Duck Green and Tanner’s Brown which are strong and subdued but incredibly fashionable. Chic by day and cosy by night, they bring a grounded but luxurious atmosphere which is thought provoking as well as soothing, particularly when paired with other hues found in nature like Mouse’s Back or Ash Grey.  


De Nimes

Soothing blues reduce anxiety and encourage sleep so are well suited for use in bedrooms where they encourage us to be more mindful. To instil peace and tranquillity, choose a blue that has an undertone of grey or green to prevent it being too cool. Oval Room Blue or Stone Blue are great choices as they feel reassuringly timeless, particularly when used on both walls and woodwork for an immersive but simple colour experience. If you do however want to use more than one colour, choose tones that are similar, like De Nimes and Inchyra Blue to layer colour for a restful ambience that become increasingly elusive in a restless world.


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