5 Important Facts to Know About Mutual of Omaha Final Expense Insurance

5 Important Facts to Know About Mutual of Omaha Final Expense Insurance

A growing section of the elderly population is making plans for their final days, including providing for their loved ones in their absence. Why leave your next of kin on a shaky wicket as they scramble to generate funds to bear funeral expenses while coping with their emotions? Instead, devise a plan to safeguard the interests of those you hold dear, so they bless you for your thoughtfulness.

Mutual of Omaha final expense insurance is designed to pay for end-of-life expenditures. It locks-in benefits for those in the 45 to 85 age bracket. Taking a whole life coverage like final expense insurance is appropriate when you:

  • Would rather not share your medical history or undergo a physical examination
  • Are on a tight budget and can pay only a fixed premium amount
  • Need to supplement an existing insurance coverage
  • Want access to funds during an emergency

Having realized the importance of planning for your unexpected end, Mutual of Omaha reliably supports you. With an integral, accountable, and innovative approach, they are determined to provide for your family and protect them from financial strains. Securing your peace of mind and enabling your loved ones to move forward once you are gone are their focal points.

Five important facts about Mutual of Omaha final expense insuranceare listed here:

Premium Remains Constant

Your premium amount is not subject to revision so, you pay the same amount till your dying day. It is calculated, taking into consideration your age at the time of issuing the policy. Besides, your death benefit amount and gender also determine the amount of premium you pay.

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Guaranteed Coverage

You are entitled to coverage without being compelled to respond to health-related questions or even undergo a medical examination. Despite your current age and health status, you are not deprived of the benefits due to you.

Swift Claim Payouts

In 85% of the cases, claims filed are paid out within 24 hours. It is essential you first complete the necessary formalities by submitting all the requisite documentation. As long as your paperwork is in place, approvals for payouts are promptly sanctioned, and the beneficiaries swiftly receive their dues.

Grows In Cash Value

Final expense insurance from Mutual of Omaha grows in value and allows you access to the funds accumulated in emergencies. You need to bear in mind that eating into your generated funds before your end reduces your policy’s benefit. Your loved ones are at liberty to utilize the money received to fund your funeral or clear pending debts.

Estimates Your Final Expense

Mutual of Omaha final expense insurancehas a provision using which you can make a fair assessment of your funeral costs. Burials or funerals are expensive affairs, and you certainly do not want to under insure your last rites.

If you do, your loved ones have to make good the damages, defeating your purpose. Using the planner provided, you can arrive at a close estimate of your final expenses and match your coverage with your needs.

For more details and clarity, ask your independent agent. They have the best tools to compare the rates with several carriers to make the right choice.

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