40 wedding photos that perfectly capture the emotion and hilarity of the big day

There is nothing quite like a wedding, and what makes them so special are all the individual moments spread throughout the day.

From the bride sharing a whisper with her father before going down the aisle, or the shy flower girl kidnapping some canapes, we want to make sure these special moments, and the incredible wedding photographers that capture them, are celebrated.

This year, once again, Bridebook challenged hundreds of Bridebook’s best wedding photographers to send us their most unique, funny, tender and outrageous wedding photos from their 2018 weddings, so we could share those magical moments for all to enjoy.

So without further ado, here are our favourite wedding photos of 2018.

(Alessandro Pietrosanti Photographer)

How many times do you get an opportunity to take a picture of the bride on a roller coaster? This was one of the most exciting moments in this photographer’s career (we just wonder how he did it…).

(Nick Brightman Photography)

This bride and groom snuck into a telephone box at the Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings, where they tied the knot.

(Scott Bytheway of Bluefinch Photography)

The photographer caught these lads having a laugh and a beer in the bathtub! They got ready in a jiffy and had plenty of time to relax before the wedding.

(Tim Emmerton Photography)

Pit stop! That’s what bridesmaids are for, no?

(Steven Wheller of Art by Design Photography)

This photo was taken just as this little girl’s mother (the bride), stepped out of the room in her wedding dress. Her expression says it all.

(Peter Denness)

The best man had just told a rather risqué story about the groom and the range of reactions at his punchline are incredible.

(Dom & Liam Shaw from York Place Studios)

Yawns and bubbles. This baby’s nap-time wasn’t going to stop her dad from toasting the bride and groom.

(Claire Penn Photography)

The couple’s gorgeous dog was brought along to the wedding and had some big kisses for dad.

(Claire Batey of Unscripted Photography)

These kids were trying to wind their grandmother up as she kept telling them to behave. 

(Martin Beddall Photography)

A very heavy downpour catches wedding guests as they head to the village church in Leicestershire. A classic British wedding.

(Fiona Walsh Photography)

Dad witnessing all the chaos as the girls get prepared.

12. Vicky Kinmond

(Vicky Kinmond)

A 7-foot dinosaur on the dance floor? Looks like this Bridezilla found her match.

(Ian Baker Photography)

Happy tears begin to flow with the bride’s brother cradling his daughter while watching his sister, the bride, dancing with their father.

(Sandra Hargreaves of SMH Photography)

Grandma seeing her grandaughter in her wedding dress for the very first time – a very emotional moment for all.

(Claire Penn Photography)

Veil stuck on a hedge, new husband comes to the rescue.

(David Dean Photography)

You might look stunning but no one said putting the dress on was easy. Which is why every bride needs their squad of bridesmaids.

(Richard Murgatroyd Photography)

Hindu weddings are packed with symbolism. Here Pooja’s parents come together to place the final pieces of jewellery before her ceremony.

(James Tracey Photography)

This groom couldn’t hold in the tears alongside his best man, as his bride walked into their wedding.

(Matt Wing Photo)

This mum couldn’t hide her excitement as she watched the ceremony.

(York Place Studios)

The in-between moments, where guests come to greet each other before the party, are often the most beautiful and filled with love.

(Matt Wing Photo)

This dad was very emotional upon seeing his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress.

(Tom Beynon Photography)

These groomsmen waited patiently as the bride and groom signed their names. The moment was captured beautifully.

(Patrick Mateer for M and G Photographic)

Bottoms up!

24. Martin Beale for MJBPhoto

(Martin Beale for MJBPhoto)

Who doesn’t love smoke bombs in front of a beautiful stately home? Woodhall Manor looks amazing in this shot.

(Natalie Martin for Story of Love Wedding Photography)

Double trouble. One of 2018’s biggest trends was llamas at weddings. Let’s just hope the trend continues.

(Wedding Photography by Joe Bickerton)

This was a shot taken at Tower Hill Barns in North Wales. These little pageboys were having great fun in the camper van and their playfulness makes for a great photo.

(Sam Pharoah Photography)

Sunlight streaming, cheeky faces and belly-laughs.

(Chris Seddon Photography)

This newborn baby was just a couple of weeks old, and when the mum brought her to show the bride, everyone in the room wanted to take turns holding her. We love the blissed out expression on her face.

(Karen Fuller for Fuller Photography)

This photographer got the wedding guests involved with their phones during the reception to make this original photo.

30. Paul Keppel Photography

(Paul Keppel Photography)

This bride wanted their dog in the picture as they signed the papers. The photographer got the perfect angle.

(James & Lianne Photography)

Photographers often crack jokes to keep family photos fun and energetic. This granny said she had something to make everyone laugh, and with a serious face, flashed the photographer.

(Aden Priest Photography)

A lovely moment is captured as the bride and groom dance. If only everyone could look that majestic during their first dance.

33. Emma + Rich

(Emma + Rich)

The bride and groom didn’t want to do a traditional first dance, so they taught themselves to dance to ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ by Daft Punk.

(Rachel Lou Photography)

These ushers got creative when asked to move the floral arrangements from the church up to the marquee.

35. Ashley Davenport for Miki Studios

(Ashley Davenport for Miki Studios)

During the cake cutting, the groom noticed a bottle of Champagne on the table and immediately grabbed it. His wife said no… but it was far too late.

(Drew Findlay Photography)

Jordan Pickford understudy.

(Clive Blair Photography)

A tender moment between the groom and his bride during his speech.


One of the most beautiful photos on the list. We love how the photographer capture this fairytale moment.

(Ross Talling Photography)

These lovely brides having a moment to themselves, overlooking the Cornish coast before their wedding takes place.

(Nicholas Rogers Photography)

These grooms had their reception at a golf course but it rained, but that didn’t stop them from having lots of fun outside in the rain.

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