4 Muslim Women Share Their Eid Beauty Rituals & Traditions

“Eid day is a time of joy and celebration for me, spent with family and friends,” says Somali American fashion model Halima Aden. “We start with prayers at the mosque, followed by a big feast where we share delicious food and exchange gifts. It’s a time to reflect on gratitude and blessings.

“Henna holds deep cultural significance for me on Eid day. It’s a tradition that connects me to my roots and community. I love donning my hands with intricate henna designs symbolising beauty and celebration. I also wear henna on other special occasions as a way to express myself artistically.

“My favourite henna designs are intricate patterns with floral motifs and geometric shades. I love having henna applied to my hands and feet as it looks beautiful on these areas and adds an elegant touch to my overall look.

“For Eid this year, I’ll be wearing elegant yet modest outfits that reflect my personal style and cultural heritage. I gravitate towards flowing dresses and abayas in vibrant colours and luxurious fabrics, paired with beautiful scarves or hijabs.

“My beauty look for Eid day is all about radiance and elegance. I opt for a natural makeup look with a focus on glowing skin with defined eyebrows and neutral tones on the eyes and lips. Some of my must-have staples include Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and Huda Beauty lip gloss.”

Sajal Ali

4 Muslim Women Share Their Eid Beauty Rituals  Traditions
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“For me, Eid is a time to take a break from everything and focus on family and my close friends and since I’m a huge foodie, I really look forward to having all kinds of dishes,” says Pakistani actress and model Sajal Ali.

“I try to balance my time between socialising and also taking some time for myself to relax and unwind. More so, it is a time when I am especially conscious of those suffering around us and try to give back to the community.

“I absolutely love henna, the bright beautiful colour it brings out after leaving it overnight, the infinite design possibilities it holds and how one can adapt it to every occasion!

“My favourite designs are the classic floral ones because even in the simplicity they hold so much character and can instantly elevate the look.

“I will most likely ask my sister to pick out a nice chikankari kurta for me [to wear] and pair it with jhumki earrings. My beauty look would be something very minimal, light concealer and a pink and brown lip combo at best, since I have been focusing on prioritising skincare and embracing my natural look when I’m not working.

“I’m looking forward to this Eid especially, since after that I’ll be shooting back to back for a couple of months.”

Rosemin Opgenhaffen

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