19 of the best bath and body heroes that we should *actually* include in our routine

How many times have we heard the word self-care recently? Go on, hands up. And, how many of us ever really take that bath, or dedicate entire evenings to masking, scrubbing and unwinding. Hmmm.

Our bathrooms are supposed to be beauty emporiums – steamy sanctuaries for rest and relaxation. But more often than not, they’re the place we go to hide from our partner or children for a brief wee – and maybe a covert Insta scroll – before it’s back to the grindstone.

So, instead of planning to soak away the evening in lavender-scented bath salts, or meaning to slap a bit of lotion on the rhino-hide we call knee caps, we all need to get a bit more gung-ho about self care and just freaking do it.

Of course, if the products we’re using are off-the-chart delicious, that’s always a good incentive, isn’t it? And, if they serve an actual purpose – like making our skin feel as soft as Gwyneth’s bed sheets – well, that’s a pretty great bonus as well.

We’ve pulled together the very best bath and body products out there, based on reader favourites (we’ve included some GLAMOUR Beauty Powerlist Winners as voted by you) as well as our editor’s top picks.

Aromatherapy Associate’s bath oils are a classic for a reason – you really can’t get much better if you’re after silky skin and heavenly scents (Destress, is our beauty director, Camilla‘s favourite). If you’re struggling to sleep, Deborah, our editor-in-chief, backs Neom’s comforting Magnesium Body Butter all the way. The scent is designed to help you unwind while the texture feels luxurious.

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Nuxe’s multi-purpose Huile Prodigieuse oil is a crowd-pleaser across the team, but our beauty assitant, Shei, recommends picking up the shimmer version for beautifully glowing limbs.

If you’re looking for something to smooth away bumpy chicken skin, First Aid Beauty’s KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub is a best-seller on Feel Unique for good reason and, if you want to know which bath products readers voted the best of all time, then you’ll just have to keep on scrolling…

Here’s 19 of the best bath and body products to try…


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