15 best gym leggings with pockets to store your phone, keys and bank card (without them falling out mid-burpee)

One of our favourite things about working out is the stylish gym gear we can shop. Whether you’ve upped your exercising in lockdown and want to continue now we’re allowed out and about, or you’ve been booked into your favourite spin class weeks ahead of time, the most worn thing in our wardrobe is undoubtedly our leggings, better yet, gym leggings with pockets.

Pockets that actually fit things in are always thrilling to find in women’s clothes, as we’re constantly dealing with fake ones (!) or no pockets at all on dresses, jeans and jackets. Finding clothes you love that has pockets feels like hitting the lottery, so you can imagine our love of fitness kit that has specially designed storage space.

Gym leggings with pockets are Team GLAMOUR’s absolute must-have, can’t live without item, so we’ve rounded up our favourite styles from Nike, Adidas, ASOS, Lululemon, Sweaty Betty and more so you can treat yourself for a pair too. You’ll never look back.

Whether it’s discreet zipped pockets for fitting keys, bank cards or our running headphones, or super-slim style pouches on the thigh for safely storing your phone, all our picks will ensure you never have to worry about all your valuables falling out next time you’re in a downward dog, and leave you hands-free for your next jog.

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If you’re looking for something colourful, these believe this 2.0 7/8 leggings from Adidas will have you adding every shade to your shopping cart ASAP, or if you want a pair specifically for running, that will both store your valuables as well as keep you feeling supported, then try these fast and free HR tight 28″ from Lululemon. Should you be a regular at your local yoga classes, then these Sweaty Betty super sculpt high-waisted 7/8 yoga leggings are hard to beat.

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