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12 Times Movies Got Video Games Wrong – WhatCulture

Rumble In The Bronx
New Line Cinema

The representation of video games across all other forms of media has been a constant source of frustration for literally decades.

Whether it’s dubiously-motivated news outlets insisting that they’re corrupting our youth, music videos failing to differentiate between PlayStation and Xbox controllers, or the series finale of a certain hit TV show completely mischaracterising a AAA game, the inaccuracies are both extensive and infuriating.

Even with gaming now a fully mainstream form of entertainment, it still feels like cinema in particular has struggled to give it the fair due it deserves.

As such, the annals of film are littered with examples of movies caring not one iota about accurately depicting a game, from disregarding basic mechanics to not even getting the release platform right.

If nothing else, it perhaps suggests just how cumbersome and confusing the world of gaming must seem to those outside of it.

But given the basic research and continuity that goes into even the very worst movie, there’s not much of an excuse for most of these blindingly obvious instances of Hollywood getting video games so, so wrong…


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