12 of The Best Hiking Tips For Beginners

12 of The Best Hiking Tips For Beginners

Have you been invited for your first hiking trip? Well, if you are a beginner at hiking, here are some of the best hiking tips to keep in mind on the happy trails.

1. The Right of Way

If you are going downhill and meet uphill hikers, they have the right of way. Don’t try to force yourself on the trail going down when a few hikers are going uphill. The right way of in the right order is horses, hikers and bikers. If you have a dog, it’s ideal to step aside and let people pass you because not everyone loves dogs.

2. Stay on The Trail

If you are a beginner to hiking, don’t go off the trails. Yes, you might be tempted to step aside and look at the features or other scenic views but never go off the trail. If you have a guide, make sure you can spot them ahead or behind you at any time you are on the trail to avoid getting lost.

On the other hand, the trails have been carved to get you to the destination in the safest way possible. Stay on the trail to avoid natural erosion and to remain safe on your hike.

3. Dress Comfortably

Yes, you might be tempted to dress fashionably for your first hike for the photos on social media. However, you need to remember to dress comfortably and practically. You should bring some warm coats when it’s cold and hiking boots like Gravity Defyer walking shoes to keep your feet from getting hurt. Bring a backpack with the essentials but make sure it’s not too heavy.

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4. Headphones for Music

If you want to listen to music while on the hike, you should bring headphones. If you are hiking alongside friends, you should avoid shouting. Remember, people go hiking for the peace and serenity. When on the hiking trail, you need to respect other hikers. Yes, you can bring a small speaker for a picnic but make sure you are not making noise for anyone else on the hike.

5. Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Other hikers on the road might be scared of dogs. Even worse, your dog might start wandering off when on the hike. There are so many stories of pets wandering off when on a hike. Don’t let your dog wander off if you are not familiar of the trail. A leash is the best way to enjoy the hike with your favourite pet without any worries.

6. Be Prepared for The Weather

The weather can take a turn very fast so you need to be prepared when on the hike. Bring sunscreen for sunny days and a raincoat for the cold weather. If you are hiking through the mountains, you should be prepared for unpredictable weather so don’t forget your layers. For instance, you should have a vest, t-shirt, jumper and another outer layer. That way, it will be easy to remove or add layers as necessary.

7. Bring a Map

Yes, you might have GPS tools or cell phones with you but you should be prepared for any technical hitches. Always bring a paper map for backup when this happens.

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8. Inform Friends and Relatives About Your Hike

It’s easy to get lost in the mountains or on the trail especially for a beginner. You should inform your relatives and friends of your hike and how long you will be gone so they can report in the event of an emergency.

9.  Water and Snacks Are Essential

Bring plenty of water and snacks for the hike. Certainly, you don’t want to be dehydrated or starved at the top of the mountain. If possible, you should bring a reusable water bottle that you can fill up on the way.

10. Greet the Fellow Hikers

If you come across fellow hikers on the way, you should say hi to them. The pure interaction and human connection in the outdoors is always something you should enjoy when hiking. You can enjoy the fresh air with other people and the serenity that comes with the scenic views.

11. Leave the Animals Alone

Don’t feed any animals you come across in case they are rabid. Also, don’t trample on plants or cut down shrubs. Respect wildlife on the way to the top.

12. Proper Sleep

You might be feeling a little anxious the night before a hike but it’s important to get proper sleep. Save as much energy as possible and get enough sleep. You will be in a better mood and have a better chance of enjoying the outdoors. Even better, after a proper night’s sleep, you should be able to get up early and take photographs of the early sunrise on your way to the destination.

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With these tips, your hike should be enjoyable and unforgettable!

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