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10 Video Games That Let You Get Away With Being An Absolute Dick – WhatCulture

Untitled Goose Game
House House

What are video games if not wish fulfillment, of not only transporting players to other worlds, but also allowing them to do all the things they couldn’t get away with in real life?

Many games like to leave the decision squarely in players’ hands, by offering up moral choices which may ultimately punish players who make the “wrong” one.

But then there are those rare games which go the entirely opposite direction and near enough encourage you to be a walking, talking pile of garbage.

These 10 games, most of them terrific in their own right, nevertheless dropped the moral posturing and let you go about your mischievous, morally unconscionable, and quite possibly murderous deeds free of any judgment or major consequences.

These games all provided safe spaces for everyone to unleash their inner a**hole, to blow off some steam, and filter their worst instincts through the safety of a repercussions-free digital world.

Whether you ended up slaughtering the population of a small country or simply stole some guy’s glasses, these games all let you be an historic dick…


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