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10 Video Game Game Adaptation We Want To See After Fallout's Success – Screen Rant


  • Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout show sets a high standard for video game adaptations with its success and positive reviews.
  • Exciting gaming adaptations like BioShock, The Legend of Zelda, and Cyberpunk 2077 could be the next big hits on the big screen.
  • From Apex Legends to God of War, various popular games are primed for successful adaptations if done correctly after Fallout’s triumph.



Fallout has received non-stop positive reviews after its triumphant release, and the show’s success makes the idea of more video game adaptations incredibly exciting. Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout show explains the world and lore of the universe while introducing the audience to brand-new characters and a fresh story. Given how many Fallout games there have been, finding a new and interesting story was always going to be difficult, but Amazon’s hit show has impressed both viewers and critics. This proves how popular video game adaptations can be when done correctly, and opens the door to more in the future.

There are already several exciting gaming adaptations in the work, and hopefully even more will arrive in the future if they can maintain the same quality as Fallout. The Last of Us proved to be one of the most popular TV shows of last year, while The Super Mario Bros. Movie became the second highest-grossing movie of 2023, highlighting that the future of video game adaptations seems bright. With Amazon’s Fallout show receiving high reviews, it is clear Hollywood is understanding gaming stories better than ever, proving that a number of popular games have to be adapted after Fallout‘s success.


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10 BioShock

BioShock’s Upcoming Movie Can Provide One Of The Most Atmospheric Gaming Adaptations Yet

Bioshock - NYE in Rapture

One of Fallout‘s greatest attributes is its distinct universe, and BioShock also thrives in this department, making it an adaptation with plenty of potential. A BioShock movie was confirmed by Netflix, and while details are still fairly limited, it is a project that could continue gaming movies’ positive trend. While TV may have nailed the gaming adaptation formula a little better, BioShock is suited to the big screen given its unrivaled atmosphere. The game series has some slight horror vibes, but it is more of a thriller that keeps gamers on the edge of their seats.

Whether the film’s story directly follows one of the games or chooses its own narrative, BioShock‘s gorgeous locations should work well in a cinematic format. Rapture is full of unique environments and the underwater dystopia will look breathtaking if done right. BioShock also has some truly terrifying enemies like the Big Daddies, who will help translate the game’s eerie atmosphere into the movie. With so many more unique details such as the plasmids and tonics, BioShock has the potential to be a movie like no other, which Netflix can hopefully get right.

9 The Legend of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda Can Potentially Replicate The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Success

Art of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Link, with similar art of Link from The Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past on either side.
Custom Image by Debanjana Chowdhury

Nintendo has a whole list of IPs that could make for great movies, but outside of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda has the most potential. The Legend of Zelda could be another fun movie series that caters to children, but The Super Mario Bros. Movie already fills this role. Given Zelda has some mature themes, producing more serious films could make the franchise a major cinematic hit, and unlike Mario, there are numerous narrative-driven stories from The Legend of Zelda that a movie could adapt.

A live-action Legend of Zelda movie was confirmed, suggesting that it is already breaking away from Super Mario‘s animated format. Giving Zelda its own cinematic identity is the right choice and the gaming franchise has plenty of exciting characteristics that could make it work on the big screen. The interesting characters, detailed stories, and gorgeous locations make The Legend of Zelda a gaming adaptation that has to happen, and it could give Nintendo another huge box office haul.

8 Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption’s Wild West Theme Is Perfect For The Big Screen

Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 smiles with several characters in the background.
Custom Image by Katarina Cimbaljevic

Rockstar Games’ biggest title may be Grand Theft Auto, but Red Dead Redemption is far better suited for an adaptation. Red Dead Redemption is a huge franchise in its own right, and its story-driven action is tailor-made for a televised version. While both main games have been masterpieces, a Red Dead Redemption show would be far better off creating its own story. The characters and their relationships help bring the series to life, but the Western setting mixed with stunning visuals is an equally huge part of the franchise’s identity.

It would be nearly impossible to try and condense the existing stories into 2 or 3 hours, but using the world-building that Rockstar has crafted alongside the explosive action associated with Red Dead Redemption would make for an amazing series. The show could also include some Easter Eggs and even a handful of characters from the games, depending on the timeline. Following Fallout‘s format would work perfectly for Red Dead Redemption, and turning this franchise into a televised format seems like a guaranteed hit waiting to happen.

7 Fortnite

There Are So Many Fun Possibilities When It Comes To A Fortnite Movie

Fortnite characters surrounded the Fortnite logo

Fortnite has become one of the biggest modern games over the last decade, and a potential adaptation would have unlimited possibilities. Whether it is animated or live-action, there is so much that can be done with the Fortnite universe. There are a variety of iconic weapons, vehicles, and items from the game that would be interesting to see used in a cinematic context. The game already has some cutscenes that hint at what this could be like, but a movie could go even bigger. Fortnite‘s blend of lighthearted humor and innovative action would also work perfectly in modern movies.

Outside its gaming mechanics, Fortnite also has a variety of collaborations that would give a movie the chance to include countless Easter Eggs. It could reference or even include characters from other franchises that would only add to the spectacle and attract all kinds of viewers. Disney’s Epic Games investment makes a Fortnite movie seem inevitable, and with its endless potential, Fortnite has the potential to replace The Lego Movie series as the next big crossover universe.

6 Until Dawn

Until Dawn’s Format Means It Should Translate Seamlessly Into A Cinematic Format

Hayden Panettiere and Rami Malek in front of the Until Dawn poster

The horror genre can be divisive when it comes to games and movies, but Until Dawn can succeed in both mediums. Sony’s narrative-driven horror game was a major hit when it was released back in 2015, and is perfect for a cinematic adaptation. The game’s characters are modeled after real actors, meaning the likes of Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere could potentially reprise their roles. While the butterfly effect system is a big part of the gaming experience, the movie could thrive without this and deliver a more concise story.

Given Until Dawn focuses more on story than gameplay, the horror game would transition seamlessly onto the big screen. The movie can directly adapt the story, keeping the game’s big twists while crafting even scarier versions of Until Dawn‘s wendigos. It may be hard to get the pacing right with less time to tell the story, but so long as it can flesh out the characters and feature the game’s most iconic moments, the confirmed Until Dawn movie could be one of the best gaming adaptations yet.

5 Apex Legends

The Lore Of Apex Legends Offers The Perfect Opportunity To Replicate Arcane’s Success

Apex Legends cover art

With the success of shows like Arcane, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Castlevania, animated video game adaptations clearly work, and Apex Legends could be next. The battle royale premise doesn’t offer much content to adapt, but Apex Legend‘s lore makes it far more interesting than most other games in the genre. Each character has their own unique abilities, personalities, and backstories that are explored through character skins and in-game comics, but an animated series would be the ideal environment to fully explore the legends.

Whether the show focused on each character individually or an overall story, there are loads of ways to make this series work. Apex Legends is full of interesting characters, each with personal relationships that could carry an overarching plot. Loba vs Revenant could be somewhat inspired by Arcane‘s Vi vs Jinx angle, and this would be a compelling premise to explore while fleshing out each legend. The high number of interesting characters and story ideas will hopefully put Apex Legends in line to be the next video game to receive an adaptation.


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4 Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Deserves The Same Love As The Other Big Platformer Games

Crash and Coco in promo art for Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.

Both Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog have received movies in recent years, but Crash Bandicoot hasn’t been shown the same love. Despite the franchise not being quite as big as the juggernauts of Mario and Sonic, there are still plenty of great mechanics and characters in the game that would work well on the big screen. A Crash Bandicoot show was supposed to happen but was canceled back in 2021; however, a movie format may be even better for the gaming series.

Its unique level designs set up plenty of interesting action sequences, and the IPs’ great villains would give the movie series longevity. Crash has an endearing personality and is easily marketable, meaning with the right story, a Crash Bandicoot movie could thrive. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is the perfect format for Crash Bandicoot to try and replicate, using Easter Eggs and gaming references to craft a fun cinematic experience for the whole family, and given the franchise’s mainstream resurgence, it deserves a shot on the big screen.

3 God Of War

God Of War Has The Perfect Story For A Multi-Season TV Show

A custom image of Kratos looking angrily down the lens

Amazon’s live-action God of War show looks to be the streaming platform’s next big hit after Fallout, and it’s an excellent choice. Naughty Dog is known for its gripping storytelling, and while Uncharted and The Last of Us already have adaptations, God of War is still in progress. The TV format suits it perfectly, and Amazon has already proven they can do video game shows justice through Fallout. Kratos is a fantastic protagonist, and finding the right leading role will be critical to the series’ chances of success.

With God of War focusing on Greek mythology, the series features an abundance of Gods, and watching them battle with Kratos will be fascinating in live-action. The world-building and hard-hitting action will likely take multiple seasons to get right, but Amazon’s track record suggests the series will do it justice. Invincible and The Boys have also shown that Amazon isn’t afraid to feature brutal action scenes, meaning Kratos will feel like the same destructive warrior he is in the games, making God of War‘s impending series all the more exciting.

2 Overwatch

Overwatch’s Interesting Roster Of Characters Could Carry A TV Series

Lineup of heroes from Overwatch 1 with the game's logo above.

Overwatch is a game that has often been surrounded by controversy, but there is no denying it would make for a wonderful gaming adaptation. The large roster of unique characters gives a TV show so much potential, especially with how much lore is in the game. There is a good mixture of heroes and villains who have plenty of history in the series, and while there is little story intertwined with the gameplay, Overwatch has plenty of short videos attached to it that dive into the game’s lore.

An animated show would be the best way to tell Overwatch‘s complicated story, offering the opportunity to focus on numerous characters. Given every hero has an ability that makes them stand out, Overwatch could take the Arcane approach by focusing on a select group of characters, or the series could find a way to try and incorporate everyone. Overwatch fans have been craving a more detailed explanation of the franchise’s lore, and with a show presenting the chance to focus on the high-octane combat alongside the captivating personalities, Overwatch should be considered for an adaptation.

1 Cyberpunk 2077

Night City’s Gorgeous Aesthetic Would LightUp The Big Screen

Johnny Silverhand in front of the metro in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners has already shown how successful a Cyberpunk 2077 adaptation can be, but a movie would be even better. Night City’s gorgeous aesthetic would look amazing on the big screen, and with the variety of interesting characters the game has to offer, there is no doubt it could be one of the best adaptations yet. The futuristic setting mixed with its anti-establishment theme attracted big names like Keanu Reeves and Idris Elba to the project, who both played significant roles in the game.

Adapting interesting concepts like cyberware, cyberpsychos, and braindances into a movie would give the film plenty of personality that makes it stand out. While the cast for the live-action Cyberpunk 2077 movie hasn’t been confirmed, the movie is happening and will bring the vibrant Night City to life. Whether it is a new story or a retelling of the game’s plot, Cyberpunk 2077 will be the most exciting video game adaptation yet after Fallout‘s success and should be an absolute blast.


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