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10 Unconfirmed Video Games We Know Are In Development – WhatCulture

Often the gaming industry is akin to the secret lair of a James Bond villain; shrouded in mystery while being ridiculously flashy and elaborate, well guarded but easily broken into, and containing more moles than that kid in Austin Powers.

Which is to say that, while priding itself on being insanely buttoned-up and secretive, the industry is also hilariously prone to leaks and unconfirmed games that are open secrets. Consequently, there are a bunch of video games that are currently in development but have not been officially confirmed by either the publisher or developer.

In order to figure out just what’s being cooked up, we’ve put on our best camouflage, a black bandanna, and stuck in a cigarette to dive deep and infiltrate the games industry to uncover the best hidden secrets it has to offer – and no, this won’t just be a list comprised of annualised releases like Call of Duty and Fifa.

If even half of these releases are announced this year, then 2019 could be the best window of the generation so far.


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