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10 MORE Video Games You’ll Never 100% – WhatCulture

There are so
many different kinds of gamers. Some of us are super fickle,
flitting from game to game without ever completing anything until
their backlog is the size of the Chrysler Building.

Then there
are those gamers who are relatively disciplined and focused, seeing things through to the final credits, but never touching them after. The
issue with this approach is that, depending on the genre, you’ve only really
scratched the surface. Lots of titles are built around the very concept of 100% completion.

Some can be technically ‘finished’ in 4 to 5 hours, but offer closer to 100 hours of content, in terms
of repeat playthroughs and seeing absolutely everything. That’s what keeps completionists
and trophy/achievement hunters going: The opportunity to finally say they
rinsed a game of every last drop of entertainment it offers.

This is so
much easier with some titles than others. Whether it’s incredibly
difficult trophy lists, super frustrating in-game challenges (Monster Hunter:
World) or simply enormous games (Fire: Emblem: Three Houses), there are plenty of games that are impossible to 100%.


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