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10 Loveable Video Games That HATE You – WhatCulture

We’re long suffering, us gamers.

Those who don’t play videogames have no idea of the arduous challenges we face, the horrendous challenges evil gaming developers make for us to conquer. You know the ones – we’re talking about the sweaty palm, sitting on the edge of your seat, eyes unblinking kind of challenges that take you literally hours to complete.

The worst thing is, these challenges are usually in the most loveable of videogames! Despite looking like a cutesy cartoon with great characters, these games are secretly evil beings who will stop at nothing to cause you almost biblical amounts of punishment.

If you’re like me though, these challenges and the frustrations they bring with them, are the ultimate high in gaming. There’s nothing quite like finally beating that horrendous challenge that you’ve played for so long you know have a permanent controller button imprint in your finger.

That’s why despite these games throwing everything they can at us, basically screaming WE HATE YOU in big, flashing neon letters, we persevere. Love and hate is a fine thing my friends: just don’t expect these games to love you back.

They really do hate you. Lots.


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