10 food and drink trends to try right now


rom freshly baked sourdough and delicious brownies delivered straight to your door, or how to build the kitchen of your dreams, why not check out the latest food and drink trends to try at home…

Nutritionally complete meal in a single sachet


abnormal. is a nutritionally complete meal in a sachet that’s personalised to your specific needs. Using very clever algorithms, it creates a formula designed for you and the unique requirements of your mind and body. abnormal. then provides an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals, protein, fibre, fats and complex carbohydrates, along with a number of other active ingredients. Think of it as real food in a powder that you simply add water to and shake to make.

It’s both convenient — barely 30 seconds to prepare — and nutritious — low sugar, high protein and high fibre. Each meal delivery comes with a fully personalised booklet so you know exactly what makes your meal personal to you. Enjoy a free seven-day trial, plus shaker worth £23.99. Offer valid until 1 May 2021. Delivery £4.99,

Discover craft lager from the heart of the Wiltshire countryside

Ramsbury estate

The weather is beginning to warm up, and the prospect of enjoying a deliciously cold pint outside is not far away. Characterful and refreshing, Ramsbury Brewery’s Red Ram is a crisp and distinctive craft lager brewed with specially selected malt and continental hops. The flavour profile starts out with deep, bold notes from the hops, before finishing with the unique lightness of a classic lager.

It is the perfect all-rounder, appealing to those who lean towards a traditional lager, or an ale drinker looking for something a little different —Red Ram is the perfect balance between the two. Brewed sustainably on the Ramsbury estate. For more information, please contact call 01672 541407 or go to

Feel revitalised with INNERJI


INNERJI is a refreshing caffeine-free tonic formulated with the unique properties of Jiaogulan, which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

INNERJI combines Jiaogulan with vitamin B12 – which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. INNERJI is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and is available in a refreshing Tropical Lime flavour in 250ml cans. Buy today from the INNERJI online shop at

Harness the goodness of coffee

Exhale Healthy Coffee

Exhale Healthy Coffee is the first coffee in the UK to be sourced and roasted to lock in coffee’s natural goodness, while ensuring it’s free from mycotoxins and pesticides. The brand’s aim is to develop a coffee that maintains its naturally high concentration of niacin, without the need to add anything to ruin its flavour.

In service of this, the expert-led team uses a unique process, involving nine different independent laboratory tests. Using code DRINK40, readers get 40% off their first bag when they subscribe, plus free delivery. Offer ends 31 May 2021. Available at

Shake up your diet routine

Hepa Diet

Hepa Diet is a scientifically formulated programme based on high-quality meal replacement shakes with added nutrients along with a balanced diet. During the two weeks of the diet, your daily intake will be two Hepashakes, two portions of vegetables, and one high-protein meal.

One of the main benefits of the programme is that you’ll feel less hungry despite the calorie restriction, as the shakes are high in protein and fibre. The chances of feeling weak or dizzy are reduced, as the nutrients in the shakes will keep you energised during the day. Hepa Diet shakes also contain up to nine essential amino acids. Order Hepa Diet today and receive 15% off by using promo code Healthy15 at checkout. Offer valid until 1 June 2021 at

Enjoy fresh sourdough bread delivered straight to your door

Good in Bread

Baked in north west London, Good in Bread delivers freshly baked sourdough either weekly or twice a week direct to your doorstep. Using slow fermentation methods and organic flour, each loaf is delivered either sliced to fit through your letterbox, or unsliced, in eco-friendly packaging. With a range of products available online, you can opt to receive your ‘Loaf of The Week’ on its own or with add-ons such as ‘Loaf Cuff’ bagels or artisan sweet and savoury spreads.

There’s also a wide range of gift bundles, from the ‘Sourdough Loavers Basket’ to eGift Cards and fixed-term subscriptions. Enjoy 50% off the first week of your Loaf Of The Week Subscription using discount code: GOODINBREAD50 at Deliveries to inner London postcodes only.

Taste the difference in premium Italian pasta


Pasta is made from only two ingredients — durum wheat and water — making the quality of these two ingredients of the utmost importance. Give your homemade dishes a boost with premium pasta from Pastificio Garofalo, an Italian company specialising in the production of pasta since 1789, using the highest-quality durum wheat semolina.

The result is a pasta that’s high in protein and more resistant to overcooking, and bronze-drawn to create a porous surface that helps the sauce stick to the pasta better. Great for classics such as spaghetti and meatballs or seafood linguine, you’ll be able to taste the difference immediately. Garofalo pasta is available from Amazon, Ocado, Booths  and local stockists. Go to

Now is the time to plan the kitchen of your dreams


When it comes to making your dream kitchen a reality, it helps to have a partner who understands exactly what goes into it. Caple is one of the UK’s largest independent, family-run kitchen brands, offering a wide portfolio of multi-award-winning appliances, sinks, taps, wine coolers, extractors and kitchen furniture.

Its products are made with the ideals of intuitive design, uncompromising functionality and outstanding quality in mind. To further ensure peace of mind, Caple is offering a free lifetime guarantee on all sinks. Browse the collection at

Have decadent brownies and bakes delivered through your letterbox

Simply Cake Co

Enjoy gooey artisan letterbox-friendly brownies and bakes delivered straight to your door with Simply Cake Co. Everything is handmade with local free-range eggs, proper butter and real Belgian chocolate, under the principle that high-quality ingredients are essential for high-quality products. It makes the perfect gift, as each box can be personalised with a printed message and sent straight to a friend or loved one.

Choose from a large range of treats, including amazing gluten-free and vegan options. What’s more, over 90% of packaging is paper-based and recyclable. Browse the online shop and use code HELLO10 to get 10% off your first order at

Discover the world of sake

London Sake

Featuring a huge selection of premium and craft sake and delivering across the UK, London Sake is the go-to online destination for sake. With over 100 varieties of sake from across Japan and Europe, there’s enough variety to appeal to beginners and aficionados alike. The company makes the mysterious world of sake simple, using easy-to-understand tasting notes and suggesting practical, affordable food pairings with the UK’s favourite dishes and snacks.

Choose from one of the company’s curated tasting sets or monthly subscriptions, or buy your favourite brands from the bottle shop — full- and half-sizes available. The sake is free of sulphites and preservatives, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, and deliveries are 100% plastic-free. Get 10% off with discount code LONDON10 at Valid until 31 May 2021.

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