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10 Awesome Weapons That Actually Made Video Games Worse – WhatCulture

There’s no denying the cathartic appeal of suffering through a tricky, intense section of gameplay only to be gifted with a game-changing, God-killing piece of weaponry which significantly levels the playing field from that point onward.

The giddy thrill of unleashing Doom’s BFG or firing Mario Kart’s Blue Shell speaks for itself, but there are also many times where an otherwise creative or deliciously powerful weapon actually undermines a game’s fundamentals.

Though these 10 weapons are all beautifully destructive and quite stunning to behold in their own rights, each nevertheless actively worked against their respective game’s narrative and gameplay goals.

From comically overpowered weaponry which drained games of all their suspense, to stupid-strong weapons which totally undermined the thrill of experimentation and exploration, these weapons were, despite their badassery, ultimately more of a net negative than a positive.

That’s not to say they weren’t enjoyable to use in small bursts, but factoring in the entirety of what each game was supposed to be, these weapons were clearly a mistake of balance and design…


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