Zara’s puffy sleeve top is the final it item of 2019

Get ready to see this top at a lot of New Year’s Eve parties (Picture: Zara)

As we see out the final days of the decade – likely snoozing on the sofa and eating masterful assemblies of Christmas leftover sandwiches – it is time to say both hello and goodbye to the final it item of 2019.

2019 has been an uncertain and divisive year, which has been reflected in its fashions.

Asymmetrical jeans became a thing. See-through clothes continued to be genuinely popular.

But we’ve also seen people come together to celebrate certain cult-status items from the high street.

You either loved or despised that Zara spotty dress. Everyone and their mum picked up a satin skirt from Topshop.

For the final must-buy of the year, we’ve got something that ticks off a load of 2019 trends – big vulva energy, statement sleeves, and dressing like Villanelle from Killing Eve.

Behold: the contrast velvet top from Zara (yep, they’ve done it again), or as we’re calling it, the puffy sleeve top.

It’s velvet, so it’s festive (Picture: Zara)

The top is not a complicated concept. It’s a velvet crop top with a V shape neckline, but with massive pink, puffy sleeves attached.

Its appeal is obvious, especially for the festive period, in that it is velvet, black, and has a massive statement detail to make it perfect for celebrations (and Instagram).

Wear it to Christmas dinner and confuse your elderly relatives, who will be intimidated and puzzled by the huge size of your sleeves.

Wear it to a Christmas party to show that you’re not like those other girls in the sparkly sequin-covered dresses.

Wear it on New Year’s Eve to add some flair as you clink glasses, and attract a midnight kiss through the flamboyant mating dance your sleeves so demand.

Big sleeve energy (Picture: Zara)

Be warned that if you wear this on public transport, you will endure the huffs and puffs of grouchy travellers drowning in those pink folds. Straight men will not get this top. Your sleeves will absolutely get caught on doorknobs and drip into your mashed potatoes.

But all this is worth it for the thrill of having the final it item of the year. It’s a piece that screams ‘POWER’ and ‘SLEEVES’, which is an excellent energy to possess as you see out the decade.

As the puffy sleeve top is a cult item, it has already sold out online in every size. We apologise. At least getting your hands on your own puffy sleeve top will feel extra satisfying having searched every Zara branch in a 50 mile radius to find it.

We’d recommend pairing your top with black skinnies, a tiny mini skirt, or biker shorts, if you want to go full fashion.

We’ve popped some influencers and fashion types wearing the top below for further inspiration.

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