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Yvette Fielding gushes over Billy Connolly as she urges him to join her on Most Haunted

She revealed: “So we placed this doll, put a camera in front of it, left the camera rolling for a couple of hours and we actually captured it burst into flames for no reason whatsoever!”

Here’s eBay’s list of signs to look out for which could mean you have a haunted item.

Are you suddenly having regular nightmares, where the item in question appears? These dreams will often leave you feeling exhausted when you wake up.

How does the room feel where your object has been placed? Temperature measurements are known to fluctuate in the chosen room if a haunted item is around.

This is an odd one but it’s worth testing. Put a lemon besides the object, and if within 12 hours it has turned black, this means that there is negative energy surrounding the object.

Sometimes you might find that strange paranormal activity might start happening around the house, such as strange noises, objects moving on their own, objects like clothes or keys disappearing, only to be found in a different part of the house.

There can also be other strange occurrences in your house, for example your tables and chairs may start shaking, or your electricity can be interfered with as well, leading to unusually high energy bills.

How does it feel when you touch the object? If you feel frightened, or have a sense of dread then something is amiss. Many people also report feeling nauseous when close to a haunted object.

Does the alleged haunted object move without a logical explanation? This is one of the most frightening things to witness, an inanimate object moving on its own. This suggests that the object or a spirit is definitely connected to it.

Have you had nothing but bad luck since bringing the object home? Negative energy can sometimes be attached to haunted items, causing bad things to happen.

Do your pets act strangely toward the object? This could be barking, whimpering, trying to get attention when the object is near or any change in their mannerisms. Animals are said to have a sixth sense and can see what we don’t, and so can sometimes sense if a paranormal object is near.

If you want to test it out further, try using an EMF meter check and see if there are any high readings around the object. Normally if the object is haunted it will show medium to high readings.


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