You’ve been opening your plastic bottles all wrong

Those attached lids have a habit of poking you in the eye (Picture: TikTok/@sroche2)

We’re all for saving the planet but we can’t pretend that attached bottle caps aren’t kind of annoying.

In a bid to reduce plastic waste, lids are now attached to bottles by two small pieces of plastic, so it can’t be fully removed, and ensures both are recycled.

It’s a noble cause, but we all know the struggles: your face gets scratched with the lid, or it flings water into your eyeball.

That was until we discovered what you’re actually meant to do with the attached bottle caps.

We’ve been opening them wrong this whole time. 

Instead, you need to get your bottle and unscrew the cap as normal, then unscrew the lid so it’s sticking out to one side. 

Step 1: Unscrew the bottle cap. Step 2: then pull the lid back like normal (Picture: TikTok/@sroche2)

For most this is where they stop, but they’d be wrong.

The plastic ring that goes around the neck of the bottle can actually split into two. This means you can then pull the lid back over the neck and onto the other side.

The cap should now be facing down and out of your way. You’ll never get scratched in the face again!

Confused? The TikTok below offers a handy demonstration.

Viewers were shocked by the simple but effective tip, claiming they were ‘mind blown’.


But be warned, the hack doesn’t work for all bottles. You won’t be able to try it with a Coca Cola bottle, for instance, because the plastic ring doesn’t split in two.

The regulation to attach bottle caps was passed back in 2018, but came into effect more recently.

The EU directive explains: ‘Caps and lids made of plastic which are used for beverage containers are among the single-use plastic items that are found the most on beaches in the Union.’

Companies selling drinks in the EU were expected to fully implement this change as of the start of this month on July 3, 2024.

It’s safe to say many people were up in arms about the new design when it was first introduced.

Step 3: Pull the lid over the bottle opening so the lid is facing down. Step 4: Push it down and it’ll be out of your way (Picture: TikTok/@sroche2)

On X (formerly Twitter), @Joesteel25, asked: ‘What’s going on with plastic bottle caps at the moment? I don’t understand that little joint of sadness that’s been added. I don’t buy bottled drinks all that often, but when I do: if there’s something left, the cap goes on. If there isn’t, the cap goes on; it goes in recycling.’

Another, @simonelanna went ahead and tagged environmentalist Greta Thunberg to complain, writing: ‘Sick of these caps that don’t detach from the bottle.

‘What is the point?? I’ve never thrown the cap away separately? All it does is scratch my face and ruin my day. Now I yank them off out of spite.’

Well, now hopefully drinking out a bottle will be a little less traumatic.

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