You've been cooking curry the wrong way as chef shares big mistake we all make

Cooking up a curry can lead to constant disappointment as our hours of work simply doesn’t match up to the standard we are served in restaurants and from our favourite takeaway.

If, like us, you’ve tried every jar of sauce and kit from supermarket shelves and been left wanting more, a top chef has revealed one very simple mistake we’re all making which could transform our curry skills.

Jeff Baker, Executive Development Chef at Farmison & Co, says the error we all make is in how we introduce the spices, as reported by the Daily Star .

The chef explained the powders, ready mixes and dried spices we all reach for in the kitchen will rarely lead to a dish that’s rich in flavour.

You won’t need to use ready mixes anymore


To make the most of your spices, we should instead ‘temper’ them in a pan, by heating them in hot oil to intensify the flavours before adding them to the meal.

Jeff said: “To ‘temper’ your spices means to heat them up in oil to bring out their flavours.

“It’s a simple, quick step that reaps rewards when it comes to enhancing your dish and intensifying the flavours from the spices.

“Once you start doing this, you’ll really notice the difference, and it’ll just become part of the curry cooking process.”

It’s worth a try


Having nailed the sauce, many amateur cooks struggle to perfect the rice. Leaving it in too long and its soggy, taking it out prematurely can lead to crunching as we’re left fearing for our fillings.

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One mum shared her simple tip for cooking microwave rice and others have labelled it a ‘game changer’.

More often than not we return to find rice scattered around the microwave after the bag toppled over, but it turns out the solution was under our noses the whole time.

She revealed the packs have tabs on the base which can be pulled out to provide a flat surface – and it turns out many people had no idea they existed.


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