Youth To The People is the top-selling US skincare brand that's just landed in the UK, here's what all the fuss is about…

Have you heard of Youth To The People? I’ll be honest, I hadn’t. But when a PR introduced me to the skincare phenomenon, I quickly caught on to its cult-like following.

Disciples of the vegan brand love their products – like really love them – which may explain why the Kale + Green Tea Superfood Cleanser is the number one best seller in US Sephora, or why the brand became one of Cult Beauty‘s most-requested acquisitions ever (it’s arrival in the UK today marks the retailers biggest launch of the year).

Despite its inception in 2015, Youth To The People has been a long time in-the-making. Founded by cousins Greg and Joe, it builds on three generations of skincare know-how, kicked off by their trailblazing grandmother, Eva, who founded her own skincare company in the 70s. “Eva was a pioneer,” Joe tells GLAMOUR. Her blend of professional-grade aesthetic skincare with antioxidant botanicals laid the blueprint of their brand, which has nutrient and vitamin-dense superfoods “at the nucleus”. “Everything you see on the ingredients list is there with intention, at purposeful percentages that deliver visible change in your skin,” explains Greg.

Basically, each formula is like a giant green juice for your skin, and from the reception it’s had in the States, people are lapping it up. There’s countless testimonials describing the brand’s products as “the best I’ve ever tried” and a handful of the brand’s heroes have already scooped accolades and awards from the industry, including Allure’s Reader’s Choice. The reason? Nothing ground-breaking. Simply that it works, focuses on natural ingredients and leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable, rather than stripped.

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Of course, Youth To The People isn’t the only superfood skincare brand out there, so what sets them apart? “We’ve always been more than skincare. We’re a movement,” says Joe. “Yes, we create effective formulations that visibly improve your skin, but we also use our platforms to activate positive change for people and the planet. It’s who we are, and it’s what our community appreciates about us.”

The brand’s social justice activism spans three pillars. The To The Future Fund donates to youth organisations, the To The Planet Fund raises money for climate initiatives and the To The People Fund has committed $1 million to tackling food poverty by 2024. An activist brand that puts its money where it’s mouth is? Now that’s the kind of cult we can definitely buy into.

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