Your chance to take a look inside London’s homes

There are 3,423,300 households across 32 boroughs in London. How many of them do you think resemble yours?

We might share a tea-stained Sports Direct mug or a penchant for scalloped napkins with the next person, but the chances are our cherished home comforts are decidedly different to those of our neighbours. 

At ES, we’re more ‘knock, knock, come in for a cuppa’ than ‘knock, knock, run’. So we decided to poke around the homes and brains of 16 households across the capital. From Kilburn to Chelsea, Walthamstow, Brixton and beyond, we discovered a lizard, a hamster and a whole load of children. But most of all we were met with the familiar wave of warmth you feel when you’re welcomed home. Leave your shoes at the door, you’re all invited in…

Lloyd, 63, garage owner, and Sally, 62, artist and curator of The London Ultra, with their dog Leo, in Kilburn

“We’ve lived here 28 years. But Leo rules the roost. Our ultimate home comfort is a home cooked Jamaican family breakfast — ackee and saltfish, breadfruit and fried plantain. We love the idea that these glass doors bring the bliss of the garden into this room all year around.” — Sally

James, 66, owner of the Society for the Protection of Unwanted Objects, in Herne Hill

‘I started collecting toy cars when I was an actor at the National Theatre; I was so bored that I used to get up really early and go to flea markets when they were good back then. Then I did my first ever house clearance — my mother’s — and found I couldn’t throw a lot of things away. That’s where my collecting started really. I hate the idea of waste.’

Lavern, support worker and student, with daughters Tyesha, 12, and Jakeita, 14, and son Jayden, 8, in Homerton

‘My bedroom is my favourite spot in the house.’ — Lavern. “Yeah because it’s full of mirrors, mum!” — Jakeita. ‘I like the peace and quiet.’ — Lavern

Paul, 70, Chelsea Pensioner, in Chelsea

 ‘The camaraderie is the best thing about living here. We’re all ex-army and there are almost 300 of us here in the centre of Chelsea. We don’t all necessary get on all the time, or agree on a lot of things, but there is always something going on, someone looking out for you.’

Adam, 33, PR manager, and James, 33, fintech director, in Brixton

‘We had the painting of this girl [behind us] by the sofa at the back of the house, but when we were lying there we got a bit freaked out by her staring at us, so we moved her in here.’ — James 

Natasha, 50, diversity and change management consultant, in Walthamstow

 ‘My dearest spot at home is definitely the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how I feel — when I come in here and see the floor, it always makes me smile.’  

Tomomi, 41, founder of, and Colin, 41, artist, in Telegraph Hill

‘Lots of the art in here is gifted to us by our friends Allen Jones and Azumi & David. I love an eBay bargain, too.’ — Tomomi

Berni, 57, textile designer and CSM tutor, with Otto the dog, in Clerkenwell

‘People always say things like “blue and green should never be seen”. I say ignore them all and just go for it.’

Daniel, 29, product development manager, and Lauren, 31, operations co-ordinator with lizard Dids and hamster Pab, in New Cross

‘My friend Johnny lent me Dids four years ago. I don’t think he can have him back now.’ — Daniel. ‘Hamsters are banned in Australia [where I’m from], they’re classed as vermin. So Dan got one for my birthday.’ — Lauren  

Chloe, 31, stylist and founder of, Isaac, 33, chief creative officer of SBTV, and daughter Noah, 21 months, in Stoke Newington

‘Coffee in the morning is my ultimate home comfort, I’d die if I didn’t have my coffee. I love having it in the cold outside on our little balcony.’ — Chloe

Cat, 31, teacher, and Martha, 28, music video producer at Stink Films, in Hackney

‘The best thing about our flat is the neighbours we have in the building. Everyone in the block looks out for each other. Our corridor is super friendly.’ — Cat

Gianluca, 43, customer experience manager at Nandos and interiors blogger, in Richmond

‘There’s a fantastic fountain around the back of Richmond Council that I visit sometimes. Nobody knows it’s there. It’s gorgeous and very Italianesque. Except it’s not made out of marble.’ 

Grace, 25, part-time retail assistant, Chris, 43, barber and hairdresser, and Alfie, 15 months, with Frazzle the cat, in Crouch End

 ‘The things we have dotted around the walls are bits we’ve collected from exhibitions, or gigs, or they’re memories of things like our wedding, Valentine’s cards, or just random little love letters to one another.’ — Grace

Randeep, 47, charity leader of Nishkam SWAT, with his children Parmjot, 18, and Ekamjot, 17, in Southall

‘Norwood Green is my Beverly Hills. And I’d say my favourite spot at home has always been this room, away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. — Randeep 

Marcia, 53, DJ, in Wandsworth

‘My favourite spot in the flat is this room, I’ve always loved vinyl. I’ve got over 30,000 records stacked everywhere.’

Vivien, 75, retiree, living in the Older Women’s Co-Housing (OWCH) community, in Barnet

‘Here at OWCH, we save so much money for the council and NHS because we all look after each other. We have meet-ups, board game nights and do meditation together, it’s wonderful. The only criteria are that you have to be over 50 and have a like-minded spirit.’


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