Your best memories from T in the Park 25 years on

25 years ago today T in the Park was born.

In a small field in Motherwell close to 17,000 people watched as some of the world’s biggest musical acts took to the stage.

It was the brainchild of DF Concert’s Geoff Ellis and Stuart Clampus, and for 23 years it dominated Scotland’s music scene.

It was a weekend of fun at the end of July every year and thousands of people flocked to the festival to spend time with their mates listening to great music.

And like any Scottish festival the weather played an important part – with some fans being stuck in mud up to their knees – but it didn’t stop everyone enjoying themselves.

The event moved twice, from Strathclyde Park to Balado and then to Strathallan Castle.

We asked our readers to share some of their favourite memories over the last 25 years, and some of the answers are hilarious.

Pulp at T in the Park at Strathclyde Park, 1996.

Keith Kowal said: “In 1997 I was on a boys holiday away to Magaluf. Had a steady girlfriend for two years plus. Met a lass from Aberdeen on holiday. Gave her the ‘I’m single speech’. Spent two weeks in each other’s pockets.

“Three weeks later at T in the Park. Standing in the line to get in, big crowd of us my girlfriend included. Who spots me and runs over and jumps into my arms and tries to snog me? The very lassie from Aberdeen Out of all the people, in all the places.”

Paula Cahill Green was at every T in the Park and still misses it. Her favourite memories are: “On my hubby’s shoulders while Tim Booth of James sang my favourite song to me, Out To Get You. And all of us watching Faithless and thousands doing the Maxi Jazz jump to Insomnia.

“But most of all the people were the best. The people of T were one big bunch of friends having fun, enjoying the music, and the freedom from the rat race for a weekend.”

And Garath Harmon said his favourite times were always in the campsite, except when it was pouring down. “You’d have to time your toilet run in the morning to just after they had been cleaned,” he added.

Like any outdoor event in Scotland it was at the mercury of the weather gods. And some years it was such a wash out people’s tents were floating away.

Kelly McAdam remembers this gem, highlighting the true Scottish spirit.

She said: “I remember when it flooded and two guys got in their Speedos, put on a snorkel and flippers. Climbed in a dingy and sailed through the campsite.”

Keanu Reeves at T in the Park at Strathclyde Park, 1996.

And for Gabriel McKay, he remembers in 2009 annoying the entire campsite with singing.

He explained: “The Killers were headlining on the Saturday, and did ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ with the whole “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”.

So we started making up our own versions.

“They started off good – ‘I’ve got joy but I’m not joiner’, ‘I’ve got ham but I’m not a hamster’, ‘I’ve got gin but I’m not a ginger’.

As the night wore on these devolved into just saying things we say such as ‘I’ve got a baby but I’m not a baby wipe’ and ‘I’ve got jaffa but I’m not a jaffa cake’.

“At about 3am we just started singing the line-up, and I think it was when we got to “I’ve got Katy but I’m not a Katy Perry” that that we got told in no uncertain terms to shut up.”

For Steven Mciver and Alastair Gaffney they remember getting to see and meet some of the famous stars.

Steven said he was standing backstage about 10ft away from Kylie Minogue as she was on the phone to some. Meanwhile, Alastair has fond memories of playing football with Keanu Reaves and his band behind the NME tent.

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