You Simply Must Watch ‘Parks and Rec’ Recreated in ‘Animal Crossing’


What’s your favorite part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Is it filling your living room with tasteful goodies? Is it listening to KK Slider deliver bop after bop? Is it “I don’t know what Animal Crossing is so I need to read up this Collider-provided starter guide?” Yeah, I like all those things too. But I think my favorite thing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons are the delightful pop culture mashups people are making with it. And now, a new one to add to that sterling list: Parks and Recreation.

Twitter user @OhSoPrecious16 took the “Who Broke It?” cold open from the classic Parks and Rec episode “The Fight” (aka the one where everyone gets drunk at the snakehole) and recreated it perfectly in their Animal Crossing village. You’ve got a virtual Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), a virtual Ron Swanson whose head is perfectly an eagle (Nick Offerman), a virtual Ben Wyatt whose head emanates perfect exclamation points when he’s flustered (Adam Scott), and the rest of the perfect crew. And the two worlds collide quite pleasingly, both sharing a gentle, wholesome aesthetic even when tempers are flaring. If @OhSoPrecious16 ever wanted to do the rest of the series, well, we ain’t stopping them.

Watch @OhSoPrecious16’s delightful Parks and Rec/Animal Crossing crossover below. For more Animal Crossing recreations, enjoy here. And make sure you watch the Parks and Rec reunion special while you’re at it.

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