Fleabag with her best friend Boo and their guinea pig (Picture: Amazon Prime)

Fleabag has given the world some truly amazing things.

Aside from laughs and sexy priests, people fell in love with the main character’s failing business venture turned smash success: the guinea pig café.

If you were disappointed by the lack of guinea pigs at the Village Café in Highgate – the venue used for the TV show – you needn’t be any longer, for the Fleabag café finally exists in the real world.

There’s a catch: it’s not in the UK.

A two-day pop-up has been installed across the pond in Los Angeles, California, by Amazon Studios (who manage the US release of the show) and it looks exactly like you’d imagine.

There are real life guinea pigs – several, not just one like in the show – and lots of guinea pig art, as well as a replica of the bronze statue that Fleabag stole from her dad’s girlfriend to give away as a prize at her sister’s awards event.

Sadly, we have bad news.

The pop-up, known as Hilary’s Café, opened yesterday and will only run for one more day: today – from 10am to 6pm on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Not all hope is lost.

Remember, the UK is eight hours ahead and the flight takes around 11 hours.

If you’re a die-hard fan, quickly pack your bags and head straight to the airport.

The address is 7924 Melrose Avenue – run.

Should you not fancy forking out cash for a flight, you could just visit a pet shop and have a cup of coffee afterwards, while watching Fleabag.

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